Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

Soon everyone will see what is really taking place in the world and specifically America. The people that appear to be in control are not who they seem to be and the truth will be revealed soon. The truth that what has taken place and the potential takeover of the American way with these crazy socialist Ideals and new laws are all part of the plan to reveal who really is in charge. The military will be activated and will be part of the take back.

Those involved will be revealed, arrested and sentenced to prison for their part in the biggest rip off in American history. Fraud will be revealed at epic proportions concerning the election process, congress members and the sitting President. The trught will be revealed that the real President is in charge behind the scenes and has secretly been watching and wating for the right time to stand up for America. The White House will become its on small country and will be surrounded by guards in an attempt to keep those that violated the constitution and election laws away from prosecution.

That plan will fail as the Military will storm in and take the White House back with no lives lost. The soliders assigned are bound by oath and law to protect the soveriengty of the nation and not the people in charge. It will be revealed that the persons making all rules, mandates, and laws were involved in outside organiztions and with other countries the whole time. The call has been put out to the citizens for action and patience. Be patient and watch what happens.

Remember this is all conspiricay thoery desinged to make people consider what if we really have been duped and mislead as so much evidence shows. The power play recently in Congress will be put down and the truth will be revealed.


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