Mark 3:25 spread the word to save the world

 I had a dream last night and it was shocking and woke me up. I dreamed I saw an old friend named Mark and then looked at my watch and it was 3:25. I had been praying for my community, North Carolina and America to turn away from evil influences and seek God. I write all my dreams down and have a journal that is 97 pages long as of today with dreams, visions. Heavenly notices and other information I receive while asleep. I recorded it and began to do some research on it and wrote down my notes for later. That is how it works for me when I get messages. I write it down, analyze it and do some research. Well it hit me later as I was thinking about it that I had failed to put the Mark and 3:25 together. I saw my watch in the dream and it specifically said 3:25.

I had been praying for peace, understanding and patience as I have observed a quick decent into darkness in the world. Millions have become addicted to drugs, porn, sex, alcohol and other things that destroy the family and faith of people. Add in all the self loathing, depression, anger, resentment and fear mongering the media is using and we are now a divided nation. We now live in a society where if you disagree with someone you get cancelled. If you are religious and believe in God you get cancelled. A clear and present message has been sent to me on more than one occasion and that message is that the world better turn its eyes from evil and find God.

 A divided nation cannot stand against evil. A divided nation cannot survive the onslaught of brain washing going on in the world. A divided nation will eventually fall at the hands of evil. Sin and its products mentioned above. Agree or disagree with me is fine, but I turn my eyes to God and refuse to watch the world and my country fall at the hands of evil, sin and self loathing behavior. 

God bless America, its people, its leaders and most importantly the lost generation we are now witnessing.


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