Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 111

Several times this week I have been given the number 111. This is how Angels communicate with me and others like me. Angels are letting me know that my transformation into the light worker is getting stronger and stronger. I had felt different this week picking up on spiritual beings and physical changes to myself. Many people beleive that the recent Cern Hydro collider has caused a shift in time and dimensions. They theory that this shift in time and dimensions has created a higher frequency for those that can experience spirit by touch, vision or hearing.

I think personally that God is moving in the world and is overcoming the darkness now and has awakened the light workers and taken us to a higher plain to prepare for spiritual warfare. The dark has had its run on earth and is beginning to lose its grip on millions of people. God is giving me messages nightly through his Angels with numbers, code and pictures. He gives me visions also and they are not always pleasant because they show the bad side of mankind and what is to come. The number 111 is very positive and should be respected as it is a sign of God working in our lives. It signifies several things listed below.

1.111 is a siymbol of manifestation and spiritual growth.

2. 111 is a sign of changes in spiritual ability and plains

3. 111 is a request from Angels to become more self aware and seek the guidance of the eternal spirit

4. 111 is the gateway to a higher being and ability to do things you did not think you could do.

I have been praying for guidance this week and prior to now and the number 111 has given me encouragement and expectations.


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