Spirit Chronicles: Man On the Throne

I was walking down the road being quiet in nature and suddenly the sky opened up above me and a troop of Heavenly Angels came down and gathered around me. I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and fell to my knees in praise of God. I heard a thunderous choir begin to sing “Glory to God Almighty” and the troop of Angels in front of me opened up their massive wings.

These Angels were over ten feet tall and beautiful. They were protecting the Holy one and his Throne. As I pulled my head back up from praying a Gigantic throne appeared behind the Angels and they closed their wings and stood tall and strong showing me the massive throne behind and between them. On this throne sat an Ancient one that was all powerful.

He leaned back in his chair and said “arise and speak son”. I was overwhelmed and tried to speak but all I could do was cry. I felt like I was not worthy of being there and in the presence of God. He looked at me and said, ‘you have much to learn”. I shook my head in agreement and tried to speak again. He smiled at me and sat back and relaxed and said, “isn’t life beautiful” and opened up his arms.

The Angels opened their wings and the throne was gone. Two by two they took flight and asenceded back into the Heavens. The skies closed up and everything was back to what it was. I began to walk back down the road looking up for any sign of what I had witnessed and I woke up. This was a Heavenly message from the Divine one letting me know I have much to do and much to learn. It also reminded me that life is beautiful and is what we make of it.

I pray this encourages you to seek God and his presence in your daily life.


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