Spirit Chronicles: Attacked By Giants

At 3:11am last night I was asleep and dreaming about Heaven and suddenly two giant dark spirits walked into the room and attacked me. They were not in my own bedroom but one that I had never been in. I saw them walk into the room and a yound woman was with them. I instantly felt the darkness and knew they were up to no good and wanted to hurt me. I saw the first man and then the second and they both had a pillow in their hands.

The first one was dark headed and over seven feet tall and very ugly. The second was even taller and uglier. Both had broken smiles with ugly teeth and deformed faces. They were very muscular and freakishly strong. The one grabbed my arms and tried to hold me down and I began to fight them off. I feared that with two pillows they were trying to hurt my wife as well. She was breathing kind of rough at the time so I tried to talk and reach for her. The big guy had me held down and a pillow was over my face and I began to fight harder.

I realized quickly that a physical fight was not going to help so I went into spritual mode and called upon my Angels and Guides to protect me. I said the Lords prayer and the one holding me let go, growled and went away. The other tried to fight me but I got loose and grabbed the lady leading them and when I did he let go and vanished. She laughed and was gone as well. I looked over at my wife and she was sleeping just fine and I settled back in, said a prayer and went back to sleep.

As I move closer to God and becoming what he wants me to be I still get random attacks from the Dark side. I will remain strong and courageous. I will not let up, let go or give in to the Devils will. I will fight to my last days, my last breath and will one day get the payoff for being a light worker and serving people to help them in and out of spirit transition to the light.

For this is God, Our God forever and ever, He will guide us even to death. Psalm 48:14

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