Spirit Chronicles: Beautiful Colors

I dreamed I was floating in the sky and was surrounded by the most beautiful colors you could ever imagine. I was in the sky and it was a blue sky day with a few puffy clouds flying around me. I was just relaxing and flying is the best way I could describe it. I was not scared or anything, just relaxed as if I was in heaven and so good. I looked around and saw brigh beautiful colors of the rainbow all around me also. I saw green, red, purple, yellow, orange and other nice warm colors that reminded me of a box of glittery crayons.

But these werre different, they were more like spirits that were different colors. They were pleasant and wonderful. I think they were guardian spirits that I have been talking to for awhile now. I had asked them to come and see me and help me out and needed to relax. They came to me and helped me relax and chill out to get rid of the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time. As I write this I am feeling my mom near me relxing me and validiating my intution and spirit. The sky is my version of heaven and the universe. That is my go to when I am stressed as I go out and sit and look at the sky and chill.


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