Spirit Chronicles: Grandmothers Love

I was on my live stream the other night and one of my viewers was asking me questions about some unusual activity she had been getting at home lately. I felt spirit hit me and knew that they were here on behalf of the young woman on my stream. I felt a severe pain in left upper eye and brain. My eye wanted to sag and I had numbness and weakness on the right side of my body. This is what is known as Spirit pain. Spirit pain is when you feel what the spirit felt when it was dying or on this earth.

Spirit uses pain as a way to acknowledge what I am sensing. I told the woman that I felt two older female spirits that were very warm and loving. They showed me they were an older female by revealing to me long gray hair and I knew they were warm because one showed me a heart symbol. I told the woman that I had the sudden spirit pain in my left eye and brain. I explained that I was feeling dizzy in the eyes and weak muscles on my right side of the body.

The woman then told me that both of her grandmothers had died from an anuerism above the left eye and they had suffered weakness of the body. I then saw the symbol of love and peace which shows me that they are at peace and happy in heaven. The grandmothers were showing me they are here for the young woman and her family. The lady shed a few tears and left the stream happy that she had been known by her grandmothers and was still being watched by them. Folks, spirit is awesome, it is powerful and it is mostly beautiful.

Be open and acknowledge that those that have went before are with us in spirit, watching over us and guiding us to the great beyond when our days on earth end. I am grateful when spirit comes through and shows how the light is powerful and will always be there for eternity.

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