Spirit Chronicles: Ghost of Old Bridge Road

I was driving down a dark highway this morning about 5:15am and as I came upon this old bridge and the exit road to it I looked ahead as I was driving and saw a woman standing on the side of the road just before the exit. She was wearing a greyish colored dress and had long white hair. As I got closer to her she started to walk towards the woods which was about 10 feet from the road.

That is when I realized something wasn’t right about here because she was like a cloud or a light source. There was a highway railing about two feet tall and she walked right through it fluidly like it was not even there. I slowed down to look at her as I passed and she stepped into the woods and was gone as fast as I seen her.

She just floated right off the side of the road and into the ditch and woods with mo movement. She looked older and I could not make out a face or any body features, but I knew it was an older woman and that she was dead. I had seen the ghost woman of Old Bridge Road. I had heard rumors about her through the years growing up but never thought about actually encountering her.

I clearly saw her standing there, walk towards the woods and gone she was in an instant just as the many reports have been about her. The Ghost Lady of Old Bridge Road still haunts that road and exit waiting for whomever it is to pick her up and take her home. I had no intention of doing that so I am glad she moved on into the woods of Old Bridge Road,


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