Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin of Evil

Near my house is an old abandoned cabin that was built back in the early 1900’s. Most of it still stands but it is very old and in rough shape. It was the home to generations of family members until the mid 1970’s when the last of the family died and left the property for sale. A farmer bought the land and with it came the old abandoned cabin. We had some visitors come in last summer to stay for a week and they were adventurous young people. We had heard rumors that the old cabin may have spirit activity in it but have never gone close enough to it to find out. The cabin adjoins our property where we ride four wheelers in the woods. You can see it sitting there on a hill surrounded by big trees and old forest that was once inhabited by Catawba Indians back in the old days.

The woods seem to be alive with spirit activity from the Indians that still call the land home and the old cabin sits right in the middle of that land overlooking a nice pond. These adventurous souls decided to wander across the property line at night and go into the old cabin and ghost hunt. They got more than they were asking for when something was thrown from one room to another. These young people had stirred up an old Indian spirit that was in that cabin or on that piece of land. Before they could exit the house they heard a voice say something to them as they were running back to cross the fence and onto our property. They came back to the house and did not tell anyone until a few hours later.

That night as I lay in bed after getting home from a recent hospital stay the old Indian spirit came to our property to send a message that it was upset with us. I was weak and very vulnerable to spiritual attack and about 1:15am the old spirit came at me full force. I felt it crawl onto the bed and grab the covers and hold them over me to pin me down. It then pushed my head into the pillow trying to suffocate me. I was struggling and very weak and did not have much fight in me and was facing death. This thing was mean, nasty and very strong. It was old enough and strong enough to manifest and hold me down and pin me down to the pillow.

My wife was in the kitchen with the friends and family and I was all alone, struggling to breath and stay alive. I was hitting the wall trying to get attention but the music was too loud. Just as I about passed out and gave up my wife opened the door and the light popped on. That is when the spirit let go and vanished into the wall. I saw it run up the wall and go into the corner to hide from the light. My wife saw that I was in peril and helped me sit up and catch my breath. My transformation as a lightworker with gifts came at an early price. I later talked to a friend of mine that is very spiritual and she told me the old Indian spirit was over three thousand years old and was a tribal medicine woman. She was sending a message to the living to stay away from the old cabin in the woods and her people.

I recovered and we did a sage of the house and placed salt around the property and prayed over the woods and home to seek shelter and let her know she was no longer welcome in our home. I later got another visit from her outside on the property after the farmer started clear cutting some trees down near the old cabin. She came to me because she sensed that I could feel, see and hear her to send the message to humans that delving into the spiritual realm and messing with spirit comes at a cost. If you are not prepared to deal with it and are not experienced with it, stay away from old cabins in the woods and sacred Indian grounds.


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