Spirit Chronicles: The Lost Souls of the Mountains

I dreamed I was in the mountains fishing for trout with my old college roommate. We were working along a small stream and walked up on a man standing there on the other side of the creek holding a bow and arrow. We assumed him to be a hunter or outdoorsman that was trying to find some food along the river in this deep hollow. As we got closer the guy looked at me and pointed the bow at me saying nothing. He just stood there pointing it at us as if to hold us at bay. We spoke to him but he did not respond. His eyes were dark and he was fading in and out a bit and at times you could barely see him.

Before I could tell him I was there fishing and did not want any trouble he released his arrow towards us and it traveled to the left of my head zipping by and it seemed like he missed on purpose. He took a very deliberate aim at me and when he released it I just froze thinking this is going to be it. He grabbed another arrow and pulled it back, but this time it fell short a few feet away from him as he released it at my roommate. He then disappeared into the bushes as if he was never there. Shaken by all this we decided to leave the area and head back out towards the truck to get out the area.

As we made our way back towards the truck about a two mile hike down stream we stopped on occasion to try and catch some small trout. That is when another group of people came down on us from up on a hill. This group were all dressed in ragged dress like the early 1900’s with the women and girls wearing longer heavy dresses and the men and boys with long heavy pants and long sleeve shirts. The clothes were torn and tattered as if they has a rough life while they were alive. These people surrounded us and I told my roommate to get behind me.

I asked them what they wanted and to back away from us and only one of them spoke. She was a young girl probably 13 years old with a very bad complexion and teeth. She gave me a sense that she was one of the good spirits they had in that group of ten to fifteen people. She told me the others were not comfortable with me being in the woods because they owned the land. We were on federal land in a national park so I knew they were lying or confused. She told me the people wanted to hurt us and we needed to leave the area now.

I asked her where they from and if they lived on the land and she tried to explain again that we needed to move. That is when one of the men stepped forward and motioned for us to leave the area using his finger to point. So we started to back away and walk back into the woods to clear the area. As we tried to walk away they continued to surround us and just stare at us. I looked over at the young girl and she asked me to take with us her because the others were lost. She pleaded to come and a woman grabbed her and they disappeared into the woods like the hunter did as if he had never been there.

I wanted to help her but the thought of it made the others mad. They closed the circle around us and one of the younger boys in his late teens pulled an old gun out and pointed it at my roommate and began to pull the trigger. I jumped in front of him and the bullet went through me and missed him. The bullet did not leave an entry or exit point and did not hurt. I looked and I had no wounds so the people all ran and as he ran off they all screamed out at us with this weird language and there heads began to distort and one by one they ran up the side of the hill and wham, were gone as if they never were there.

We walked back down the river a ways and back to the truck and I woke up. I reached down to my chest to see if I had been shot by the young man and on my chest was a small red spot about the size of a bullet. I cannot confirm not deny what left the mark, but the dream was as real as any I have ever had and I am struggling to get the little girl out of my mind. She wanted me to help her and was being kept against her will by mean spirits. They knew I could help her and that is why they tried to attack us and make us go away.


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