Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Apartments and Walking Dead

Let me start by saying the “walking dead” were not what you may have seen in your head with zombies walking around wondering and looking for someone to attack and eat alive. In this dream the walking dead were lost souls that were aimlessly wondering around this old apartment complex that had been abandoned many years ago. The apartments are now in ruins and no one lives there with the exception of a few homeless folks that break in and gather there. I dreamed that people were living there and going about there daily lives going in and out of apartments, kids playing outside and people leaving for work. I saw an old lady that appeared to be in her late 80’s and she was walking by people looking at them and trying to talk to them.

The living were just walking by and could not see, hear or feel her when she tried to communicate with them. I saw an old man in his 70’s and he was sitting on a porch in a swing and just looking at the kids playing out in the courtyard of the apartments chasing one another. He was pointing to them to ask for help but they could not hear, see or feel him. I saw a man laying on the ground holding a liquor bottle who had died of alcohol abuse and homelessness just whimpering softly wanting someone to help him. Down the road a few apartments I saw a young girl that was hiding behind a car and when a car came down the driveway she would run out in front of it as if she was residual energy from being runover and she was re-living that moment over and over everyday.

Then a group of walking dead people came from the woods and there were several people of all ages and they looked to be a family. They emerged and just walked across the street into one of the abandoned units that had fire damage and disappeared as they went into the door. Another young mother was walking around looking for her children and couldn’t get anyone to help her. She was looking everywhere trying to find them and was constantly moving trying to figure it out. There were others there, some dead some not and they were not aware of each other. The walking dead were in the spirit realm and the others were the people that had left residual energy at that apartment complex over time.

It was a sad place had experienced lots of tragedy with crime, murders, homelessness, fires, poverty and accidents. It was full of energy and the lost walking dead did not know they were gone so they just relived their lives in spirit or walked around aimlessly trying to get help. I was up the road a bit observing and one walked over to me and touched me on the arm and I felt her and the others realized that I could see them, hear them and sense them so here they came. The grief, fear, anger, frustration and desperation of them all was overwhelming and took most of my energy. They were coming at me from all sides, not trying to physically hurt me but to ask me for help. I tried to block them but they were all strong and too numerous so I began to help them by saying “go to the big light” and seek God. One by one I saw them start to disappear as if they were being taken away one by one.

A few continued to wonder around even after I tried to help them while most just left and moved on from there continuous cycle of being a lost and wondering soul. I woke up and was very tired as this was harrowing experience that required a lot of my energy. As my gift grows, so does the responsibility and opportunity to help others I see in my dreams, visions and sometimes night mares.


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