Daily Bread: Truth Be Told

The truth be told I am not perfect.  I am a human being that makes mistakes, thinks the wrong things, says and does things at times I should not say or do.  I have to admit that and say to myself, truth be told I am at fault for my failures, shortcomings and setbacks.  I put myself in those moods, mannerisms, thought processes and situations.  I have to hold myself accountable for my actions, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and reactions in life.  I have to choose good or bad.  I have to face life standing tall or submit to it.  I have to look at the man in the mirror everyday and tell him he is special and a creation of God. 

Truth be told, we as humans tend to find fault and value in everyone but ourselves.  Regardless of how we look, what color we are, what religion we choose, poor or rich and all those other things that humans value and judge on.  God judges us on our core values of being good, loving, self controlled and kind people to others in our world.  Truth be told we need an occasional reality check.  We need an occasional setback. We need to be held accountable.  We need to refocus on our goals.  We need to spend more time with God and family.  We need to focus on the true blessings and gifts in our lives.  We need to spend less time worrying about silly, frustrating and worrisome things that we ultimately have no control over.

Truth be told, I am who I am and the only person that can change me physically and mentally is me.  God can do the rest and change my soul, spirit and future in that perspective.  Truth be told, I am nothing without my wife and kids,  Truth be told, I love my job  but could live without it.  Truth be told, I love my home, but could live without it.  What I cannot live without is the daily blessings, grace, mercy and guidance my Lord gives me.  He lifts me up when I am down.  He carries me when I am weak.  He guides me when I am confused.  He strengthens my soul when it is at its weakest point.  He loves me regardless of my shortcomings, mistakes, self doubt, pity, self loathing, fear, anger, resentment and all those things we feel.  

He gives us hope, love, kindness, wisdom and most importantly forgiveness.  Truth be told if we could forgive ourselves and others as easily as God forgives us.  Just imagine the things that could fix for us.  Sickness, family issues, relationship issues, work issues, homelessness, drug addiction, sinful behavior, alcoholism and so many other plagues we have in our world.  Truth be told we can change  those things and make the world a better place.  Truth be told we need to spend more time fixing ourselves and less time fixing others and forcing our ideas in them.  Truth be told and the great singer and songwriter Michael Jackson once sang.  “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways”.  Truth be told we can do this, but we need God in our lives to do it!


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