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  • Politics: Shamed, Demeaned and Cancelled- Woke Cancel Culture

    Todays writing may hit a few nerves so I give advance notice. If it turns you off or offends your feelings then please read another person postings. However, my hope would be that because we may disagree on this does not mean we have to quit following one another or reading each others work. I […]

  • Coaching: Four Things Great Coaches/Leaders Have In Common

    Coaching: Four Things Great Coaches/Leaders Have In Common

    Coaches hold the key to make or break a teams success. Coaches that have poor interpersonal skills, have huge egos, don’t care about their student athletes and just use power to bully their way with the athletes put a sour taste in the mouths of the players. On the flip side, a great coach inspires, […]

  • Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Do you have a winning attitude about life. What is your definition of winning? That all depends on your personal views, background and experience with winning and losing. As a long time career football, wrestling and softball coach I have had to look at winning from two perspectives. One of those being actual W’s and […]

  • Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    Faith: Good Dog or Bad Dog

    A friend once told me that I could be either a good dog or a bad dog. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, because I thought I was a good dog already. After talking with her about it, she went on to explain that I was going through a spiritual awakening of […]

  • Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    Faith: Meeting God’s Expectations

    In times of non-conforming to God’s words, we find ourselves as Christians at a cross roads of sort. Today we examine standing for good and Godly principles in our lives.

  • Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Sports: Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks

    Talk Is Cheap, Action Speaks During my coaching career I have heard many inspirational sayings from coaches before games, during meetings and at coaching clinics.  A few of my favorites that stuck with me are “Don’t talk about it, be about it”, “Talks cheap, action speaks” and “Don’t tell me, show me”.  I have said […]