Winning in Life Attitude

Do you have a winning attitude about life. What is your definition of winning? That all depends on your personal views, background and experience with winning and losing. As a long time career football, wrestling and softball coach I have had to look at winning from two perspectives. One of those being actual W’s and L’s. How is my football team competing or how is my individual wrestlers doing. Are they beating people on the field or the mat. That is a statistical way to view winning and many coaches only view it that way. I know Hall of Fame coaches that have win totals I would love to attain. They are are well known for those stats during their career.

The other way to look at winning is “winning in life” and life after death. As a coach it is my job to mentor my student/athletes to be active hardworking and goal oriented adults. Adults that learned through competition, winning and losing to overcome and push forward. I love seeing my former students go into adult life and succeed on the job, in marriage and whatever they venture into. I love to watch them reap the success of competing at a high level as a wrestler and making the state tournament or winning the ultimate prize of a state championship. I have been fortunate to have a few of those special wrestlers and they are few and far between.

God is like a coach that pushes us, mentors us and teaches us how to be productive in life. He especially wants us to be productive Christians that seek his guidance to live a fantastic life full of success. Living his word and seeking his guidance and coaching will allow us to get the ultimate win. God is consistent and walks with us through life with our success. He carries us through the losses and always thinks of us above all. How do you try to win at life and how do you want to win with God?

  1. Will you be coachable and work hard to overcome losses and gain more life wins?
  2. Will you be coachable by God and allow his spirit to guide you to afterlife success?

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.

Dear Lord, please come into my life and allow me to be coached by you. Show me your wisdom, grace and mercy all the days of my life. Show me through winning and losing that I can always look to you for motivation and consistency. Amen

God Bless! KB


One response to “Winning in Life Attitude”

  1. Thanks Kevin. It’s nice to be reminded that I our wins and loses are kept by a righteous and holy judge. One who loves us day in and day out as though we were perfect. Remembering that we are assured that “if” we run this race as unto Him, He will give us something that is more valuable than any earthly reward- a crown, not made by man’s hands. Hallelujah!


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