“A” Words That Define Successful People

Today we continue a series of blog post I have been writing using the alphabet to define successful people. These words often are mentioned when we look at successful, well rounded people that we know.  Not just your run of the mill person, but people that stand out from the crowd.  Amazing people that set themselves apart from others at work, in sports and in life.  Have you ever met a person that just attracts talented people and lights up a room when they walk in? You may be that person or certainly have the potential to be that person as well.  As I tell my students and athletes weekly, life is what you make of it and you will get out of what you put into it. 

In my career I have coached with peers that met many or all of these characteristics.  I have been fortunate to coach a few guys also that had most of these traits and they went on to play high level sports, own businesses and make huge differences in their community.  I encourage you to find you letter of success.  You ask, coach what is my letter of success?  My answer is to find a letter that represents who you are as person and build goals and set a plan in place to attain those words.  I have always been a D guy and have used positive words that start with a D to define who I am and how I operate my classroom and teams.  You can see that post from a while back by checking my blog.  You could use a variety of words as well, but I have found it positive, encouraging and found success building a sports program around those positive principles.  

Attitude- determines how we react to adversity, grow as a person and live our lives.  You either see the glass half full or half empty.

Appreciative- being appreciative of the success you have had in life is important.  You can never forget where you came from and must appreciate the people around you and their sacrifice that has helped you be successful.

Action- taking action daily on your goals and objectives is part of being successful in life.  Are you an action oriented person that tackles life and takes it by the horns.

Adaptable- being adaptable is a must in life, business and sports.  Not being able to deal with change and adapt to the ever changing events we face in life will throw you off your game quickly.  

Assertiveness- being assertive does not mean you have to be a butthead to people.  I see assertiveness as a blessing when dealing with life, events and people.  Assertive people step up, overcome and react in a way that enables them to overcome challenges.  

Approachable- being approachable, especially as business leader, coach, or community leader is important to keeping the cohesiveness of the organization at a high level.  Not being able to approach a coach, teacher, mentor, family member or friend is a road block to success.

Achievement- achievement is important to successful people and drives them often into higher levels of growth.  Gaining achievement is not just about winning, being the best or gathering trophies.  It is more about hitting the goals and pursuing the dreams you set in life, work and play.

Accomplishment- similar to achievement, accomplishing your goals, dreams and seeing them come to realization just feels good.  Reaching a goal, hitting a higher level or accomplishment builds on success and sets the tone for future accomplishment.

Accountability- holding yourself and the people around you accountable is part of being successful.  Accountability drives success and keeps people on track for gaining momentum towards all the A words listed above.  Taking accountability for ones actions, beliefs, behaviors and results in life is a must.

Take a few of these words and build some goals to attain success in a few of these areas or even one at a time.  Have a positive attitude, be appreciative, take action, adapt to change, assert yourself, be approachable, achieve goals, accomplish things, and hold yourself accountable for everything and you will be a great person, coach, mentor, leader or business owner that people will rally around!


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