Five D’s to Success in Coaching, Teaching and Life

Today I am writing about positive words that begin with the letter D that are inspirational, motivational and can be used daily to guide you in life. There are a bunch of words that can be applied to this posting and used as a tool for daily your inner motivation, inspiration and what it takes to trigger your drive to become more successful in life. As a coach and teacher I have used these five D words for many seasons as part of my plan for success. They all are traits and habits that can drive success by understanding the definition of each and how it can be applied to each individual, the team and the staff. We cannot simply just go through life without motivation and drive or mediocracy is the result.

Getting out of bed daily and working towards goals in family, career and routine life require us to focus on how we will achieve these goals, what we have to do to accomplish them and finding that motivation to stretch ourselves, grow and overcome challenges. These words are in my classroom at school all over the walls. I want my students to see positive images, words, statements that reinforce good character, hard work, and a drive to be the best they can. Getting up everyday and saying to yourself the following will help you become a better person, deliver better results and take small steps towards your ultimate goals.

Dedication- Committed to a task or purpose

Determination- Resolve to work towards something with vigor

Discipline- A system of behavior, conduct and activity that leads to better results

Devotion- Enthusiasm, staying the course, overcoming, never quitting

Dynamic- Positive energy, consistent, active, leadership, out front of others

Below are some sentences you could post around the room, on a mirror, on the refrigerator or wherever you need a positive note. Make your own list that applies to you using whatever letter from A-Z . Post it, look at it everyday and repeat it until it becomes part of your daily routine and a mindset. Give it a try for a few weeks and see what happens. Find that motivation and inspiration to make changes, work smarter, work harder and accomplish your life goals.

I will Dedicate to getting better today!

I am Determined to overcome challenges today!

I will focus on being Disciplined towards my goals!

I am Devoted to being the best I can!

I am a Dynamic person that can do anything I want to!


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