Living By The Word

Today in my morning reading, mediation and study I read about Living by the word of God. This is an incredibly hard thing to do as a human being made to use personal choice and decisions as a guide. I made the following notes as I was reading the information and trying to absorb it. Reading it is the first step in the process of trying to work on ling the words. A friend of mine used to say “don’t talk about it, be about it” and this applies to living by God’s word. As I am writing this blog post a song is playing saying “i am running to your arms, and looking for your embrace”. How fitting was the song and as I hummed and typed I felt the spirit of God hit me.

Here are the points I wrote down as to how I can look at myself and what I do with the word and this mornings session with God. It is important to take time to yourself and just be silent and with God. It will help guide you and lift your spirit for the day and prepare you for what is to come. Living by the word requires me to make choices in how I am guided. Do I guide myself or do I seek God and let him guide me?

  1. Read the word, pray and meditate and then choose how you will respond. Will you allow yourself to be guided or will you guide yourself?
  2. As I study I realize I have tons of potential but also know I can limit that potential if I choose to guide myself. We can be limited by our vision, goals and the outcomes. Allow God to guide you and seek the course he gives you instead of doing it your way.
  3. Seeking his word empowers us to be better at living the word. It allows us to grow in physical, emotional and spiritual health. Allow the word to lead you and be empowered by God’s grace daily.
  4. We all have a plan and I am a veteran at making plans and trying to do it my way. It always wraps back around to God’s plan as mine seems to fall apart at some point. This is happening because I am trying to fulfill my plan my way, instead of living his word and allowing him to guide my plan.
  5. We are called to live by the word. We have to trust in God, his plan for our lives and move forward daily in faith. As a husband, father, brother, friend, teacher, coach, writer and believer I must seek the word and live by it!

Deuteronomy 8:3 is the word of the day!


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