The Deconstruction of America: Evil is the Enemy of the People

Throughout history many nations have faced the same crisis that America is right now. That crisis or “plague” is called socialism. Socialist have one goal and that is to destroy a country from the inside out with ideology that are rooted in evil and deceptive practices. We currently have a movement that us gaining ground daily to take down America. These people claim that America is such a bad place to live and want to change everything they disagree with. These people are the minority when it comes to citizen count yet they wield a heavy sword in the fight to destroy the American way of life.

Led by congress members, organized domestic terror groups and big business the plan was laid out many years ago for them to begin the process of taking America down. They used the following tactics as part of the plan and we have so many young and impressionable people falling right into their well laid trap. Wake up America, rise up against the corruption, lies, deception and deconstruction of America. Choose the good over bad. Choose God over the Devil. Choose freedom over control. Choose life, liberty and justice over the crap they spread and force upon us.

  1. Spread hate, fear, and divide people using race, color, backgrounds, opinions and differences. Instead of embracing differences and promoting wellness of the mind, body and soul. They choose to separate and divide for political gain, freed and control.
  2. Propaganda- Use the large print and social media outlets to push a narrative that is false. Spreading lies about Presidents, people and groups of voters to gain control. Lying, cheating, stealing and other sinful activity all meant to deceive the public.
  3. Censorship- Censor everyone that disagrees with you. Take down famous works of art, statues, books, and control the thought process with a narrative of lies and deception.
  4. Unlawful Governmental Actions- Government leaders doing things against the law with no accountability. Those that claim to be good are the ones that are lying, cheating and stealing their way to millions of dollars in incentives and income at the expense of the average American worker. If you disagree they censor you or try to cancel you out.
  5. Support Domestic Terrorism- Governmental, corporate and political support of groups that drive hate, feed fear and destroy cities and communities. Then they call people that oppose those tactics terrorist while the true terrorist are the ones those hate groups destroying lives, homes and cities.
  6. Election Fraud- Gain power by rigging elections with rules, laws and deceptive practices that swing a vote to one side for total control. Voting systems, mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, 3:00-4:00am vote counting that equal in the millions. Dead people, illegal immigrants and convicted felons voting that never touched a ballot. The steal was on in 2020 and is still ion plans for the 11/22 elections.
  7. Justice System Overreach- Departments of the justice and judicial system abusing power and doing underhanded deals to stay in power. Going after the opposition with no evidence and promoting this style of bullying to keep the others down. Making people fear for their lives, for their freedoms and opportunity. Stop being one sided and make justice equal on both sides of the aisle.
  8. Weaken the military- We have weakened our military to the point of where we cannot keep our heroes in service. Political BS and wokeness have destroyed our Military’s strength.
  9. Take God our of the mix- Taking God out of schools, communities, churches and daily life is feeding the destruction of America. More and more people live in the flesh with no moral standards, values or love for others.
  10. Drugs and Violence- We have become a society that promotes violence as an answer to problems. Major cities all across this great land of ours are being taken apart one by one every weekend with violence. Children being shot, killed, raped, robbed and molested and it gets promoted on the internet as positive. Mayors in these cities turn a blind eye to it and lie about it as if people are actually that stupid to believe them.

How do we fix it? We put God back into our daily lives. We build the family unit back up and stop promoting single parenthood and rural low income communities. We empower people with job skills and training to be successful. We stop giving, giving and giving to those that do not want to work. We say no to the extreme leftist that want everything for free and do not want to be accountable for life and decisions. We rebuild our military and hold our national leaders accountable for their abuses of power.

We stop turning a blind eye and ear to the obvious plan that has been laid forth. We rise up, vote and make a difference in our communities with love, compassion, courage, strength and forgiveness. We learn to disagree with others but still share love. We learn that violence is not the answer. We learn that force is not the answer. We learn that cancelling others is not the answer. We see history as it has happened, stop trying to re-write it and learn moving forward. We live, love, work hard, move forward, embrace differences and stop spreading lies.


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