Angel Number 313131

I was meditating the other day in the mountains beside a beautiful creek that ran so wild and loud right beside my cabin I was staying in. I was asking my guides and Angels for help and praying and when I stood up I heard the numbers 313131. I immediately went and did some research on these numbers and came up with this understanding after meditating again and waiting for confirmation. The numbers 3 and 1 are significant in both the bible and angelic number wise. The number 313131 combines to show the person receiving it that they are on a clear path to be guided and find their life work and calling.

313131 shows me that I am being acknowledged for what I do and how I am proceeding in my spiritual journey. It shows me that I am becoming closer to the universe and finding my zeal and how I interact with nature. 313131 is enlightened, spiritual and signifies that the change in my direction spiritually is going in the right direction. 313131 is a green light for the soul to do the work of a light worker and help people become stronger spiritually, physically and mentally as I learn to use the gifts that God has given me.

3131 shows that my guardians and Angels are watching over me, giving encouragement and guidance and keeping me grounded. 3 signifies honesty, enlightenment and positive energy. 1 signifies power, spirit and growth in life. It is the basic number of life and very important to obtain prior to going any higher. Combining 31 to 313131 shows growth and a path of leadership and honor down the road.

Biblically 31 is important when it comes to faith and beleiving in God, the father and Son. It is part of the Holy Trinity 3:1 and serves as a response to pray that God has plans for me and my life that I am not yet aware of. I am to live life to its fullest, follow Gods word and be patient and wait for it to happen. As a Christian that is often the hardest thing to sit on and do it to wait. I will be still, wait and look forward to the still small voice that will lead and guide me.


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