Spirit Chronicles: Stuck In A Small Cabin

I was walking down the road and saw a storm coming so I grabbed my family and ran into the woods to find some shelter. As we got deeper into the woods we came across a cabin in the woods. I was small about the size of a bigger yard building maybe 20 x 20 or so. It was ragged with a leaky roof and the floors were old and creaky. There were a few holes in the floor we had to walk around but it was shelter. I checked the cabin and it looked clear of people and animals so we went in to get away from the driving rain, thunder and lightning.

There were no lights in the cabin so we used our cell phones for light without turning on the flashlight to save battery. Their was an old wood stove from the early 1900’s but it was too worn out to work. The rain was coming in at a few places so we avoided those holes in the ceiling. There was some old furniture in the cabin so we did the best we could to just relax and wait out the storm. We fell asleep and when I woke up I heard people talking and it starttled me so I jumped up off the floor. My wife woke up and I asked her to be quiet because I heard people.

She told me she couldn’t hear or see anyone. So I thought I was going crazy and put my phone flashlight on as it was very dark in the cabin. I thought it was possibly animals also so I looked around but saw no animals. Then I looked on the old couch and saw two old men sitting there dressed in coal minors clothing smoking. Then I looked at the two chairs and both of them has an old man sitting in them smoking. Then I heard a man say hello and he was standing at the door. I told my family we needed to leave but the door would not open.

My family could not see or hear the men and they were talking to me telling me this cabin was a portal and could only be entered and not used to exit. I told them we would not stay and tried to go out a window. The window would not open just like the door so I tried the door again. I kicked the door and the windows with no accomplishment. They were not opening and the men told me to sit down we had to talk. I told them I knew they were dead and needed to let my family out. So the old man at the door opened it and I told my family to leave and they did. T

The door slammed and left me in the room with the old men. Each of them told me a story and asked me questions about heaven and hell. I answered the best I could and then I asked them why my family could leave even though they said noone could. The old man in the chair said my family could be free but I had to stay with them until I made a choice. I asked them what choice to make and he said “you know”. I told him I was confused and he just smiled at me. I was still confused and starting to think I may not be able to get free of the old cabin and would be with the men forever.

The other old man on the couch said they had all made the wrong choice and that is why they could not leave. So that made me even more anxious and nervous. I asked them again what choice I had to make. The old man at the door said “you know and smiled”. I told them I wanted to go be with my family and he said “are you sure”? I said yes, 100% I take my family over anything you can offer. Then an old lamp popped on and I saw piles of gold and silver laying in the corner. These guys were gold miners and had chased fortune and fame over all else. The old man said, “do you want these riches”?

I told him no that my family and soul was more important than any riches. So he opened the door and told me that I had the key to leaving the whole time. Those old men had chosen greed, fame and fortune over all and had accepted a deal with the devil and had piles of gold and silver but were stuck there forever. I ran out the door as fast as I could and looked back and the door slammed and the old cabin was gone. This was a test of my will to be with the light and on the good side of things. The lesson of the vision was that as humans we often seek things that we may find but will eventually cost us much more than it is worth.


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