10 Reasons To Get Into the Woods

Nature, woods, creeks, ponds, trees, plants, animals and all of Gods bounty are important to me. I have to get into the woods on occasion to reset, release, and re-energize my mind, body and soul. I just got back from a week lond trip in the mountains and man was it refreshing. Sitting on the deck and watching the river run by. Laying in the bed and listening to the birds, crickets and rain water as it pounded the roof was so relaxing. I love nature and as a light worker I am connected to nature. I love rocks, water, trees and animals. All of these things are connected to one another and us as humans.

God made the birds and the bees for our pleasure and enjoyment. He gave them to us to take care of and to be master over. It is our obligation to manage nature and keep it going the best we can. We should do what we can to protect it and keep it safe and clean for future generations. Get into nature soon and just relax and enjoy what God has provided. It can be the best and cheapest therapy ever. Doesn’t cost much to go for a hike, take a walk, go to a park or just sit on your deck and listen to nature.

  1. Nature is good for your mind, body and soul. This is very true and taking time to get into nature is crucial for me and my family.
  2. Taking a walk in nature helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. The quietness and view sooth the mind, body and soul.
  3. Nature makes you happy. There is nothing like a lake, pond, creek, trees, flowers or a park to settle you down and make you happy.
  4. Nature nutures you and helps you heal. As a medium I rely on nature to cleanse with running water in creeks and rivers. The stones and rocks help me tranfer positive energy into my system and eliminate negative energy.
  5. Nature helps you concentrate. Go to a park and sit down and write your next book, blog or article. Go to a park and study for a class test. Go to a park and make your to do list for the coming week. It helps you focus because it is quiet and relaxing.
  6. Getting into nature hiking, walking, swimming, biking, etc helps you heal physically and lose or maintain weight. Nothing like a nice hike to a waterfall.
  7. Spending time outside in the yard, at a park, the beach or wherever gives your body vitamen D. Vitamen D is crucial to your body function and we all need the warmth of the sun on our face at times.
  8. Nature brightens your mood. It is a proven way to feel better, relax and get away from work, life, kids, and the stress of everyday activity.
  9. Nature is beautiful and God made it for us. Nature is one of the best things God created and it is designed to help us live a healthier and better existence.
  10. Nature will teach your children life skills. Kids will fall out of trees. Kids will get scratched and bruised up. Kids will learn about plants, animals and water. Kids will learn that nature is important.

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