Spirit Chronicles: Sketching The Tall Demon

A friend of mine contacted me recently and asked me to check on something for him. He felt like something was following him or after him. I immediately felt a connection to it as I can discern between both good and evil spirits, demons and Angels. In this case I instantly saw a seven foot tall demon (dark spirit) that was following this man around. It lived in the apartment complex and had been there a long time before he moved in. The dark Tall Demon is there to harrass and confuse the three women that live in the apaprtment complex.

This man just moving in has created an opportunity for the demon to go after him and try to run him out. The tall one is causing fear and confusion which is what he wants. The tall demon is a soul catcher and is an old spirit that did not move on upon death. I seen it and made a scetch of it and he said it looked like what he is seeing. I see this thing standing behind a door and in a corner while he is working with his back to it. I see it climbing the walls during the night and entering his dreams to terrify him. The friend told me the demon was attacking him and it felt real.

It is real and I know the root cause of the haunting and will tell him how to handle it. He will need spiritual support and a medium that specializes in getting rid of soul catchers. I have sent guardians and said prayer over the person to begin the process. I feel like I will see it in my sleep tonight and try to scare me off of the situation. I also sense that someone around the person is dealing in the dark arts or witch craft. I will keep you updated as I deal with this dark demon I drew.

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