Bigfoot Shows Himself

I was in the backyard of the house and was walking around enjoying the outside and I looked into the woods and I saw eye shine about seven to eight feet off of the ground. I knew it had to be either an owl or what I refer to as the Big Hairy Man. I have seen him or a few of them on more than one occassion in my lifetime. Many people will say there is no such thing as a big foot and I was seeing a bear. As I moved towards the eye shine in the heavy brush it suddenly moved about ten feet to the left. When it moved I caught a clear view of what was nothing but the big hairy man. He has shown himself to me in a dream. In fact I have seen him and his mate whom is much shorter and a female.

In that dream I had caught eye shine and heard a scream that was not an owl, wild cat or anything else I know of and I am a seasoned person of the woods. I grew up hunting, fishing and playing in the woods and know everything around here and how it moves, looks, smells and acts. When I saw them in a dream I had heard them that night and I spoke to it and said I do not mean harm or want to intrude on your existence. The woods beside our house are old Indian woods once home to the Catawba Indians.

The Catawba Indians left cave paintings and oral hsitory of the man of the woods. They respected the hairy man and traded with him in the local area. As you can see I do lots of research on the topic and as a light worker that is in tune with the Earth, Woods, Stars and Spirit Realm I sense things others cannot. I found a bird feather near the wood line when I saw him standing there so I took it over the woods and placed it in a tree about six feet off the ground along with some pecans I had picked from the yard. I left these as a symbol of peace and wanted the big man to know I was not interested in messing with him.

I went inside and as I walked in I heard Coyotes hollering and running something down in the woods along the creek. I then heard a massive yell that I have heard before and the Coyotes got quiet real Quick. The woods went quiet with not even the crickets chirping as if the boss had walked into the office. The next day I went to the tree and the feather and pecans were gone and a small pebble from the creek was in its place. From time to time we ride four wheelers in those woods and I am always on the lookout.

I have no fear it will hurt us as I have let it know that we are harmless to it and want to co-exist. Those woods are the home of old Indian spirits and the hairy man. It is his realm and he is a mystical creature that can show himself, hide or be gone in the blink of eye. Big Foot is a creature that is advanced and wants to be left alone. On occasion I will put a gift in that same split tree about six-seven feet off the ground when we ride to let him and the Indian spirits know we are co-exisiting. When I leave an apple or some nuts it typically gets gone and I have yet to catch anything on the trail cams.

I will find pressed in ground (foot prints), snapped branches 7-8 feet in the air and sense a smell like rotting meat at times. When the Big Guy wants to reveal himself then he will. If not, then he will dissapear just as fast as he came. The big guy is ancient, powerful, mystical and special. He is to be left alone unless he lets you see him and shows himself to you.


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