Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180

Last night I was half asleep and woke up to go the bathroom at 3:01am. I laid back down and right as I fell back to sleep I heard one of my guardians say “180”. Then I heard “faith and heaven” and “hell”. I saw 180 again before I woke up so I sat up in bed thought about what that may mean and wrote it down to write about later. Guardians and Angels often use numbers and pictures to send messages to those that are connected with them. I have been getting these messages for quite some time now and they always have meaning to exactly what is going on with me at the time.

The number 180 from an Angelic meaning is a sign of continuing to push towards enlightenment, transformation and faith based practice of my ability. It is a sign that success through change is coming and that I must do it with faith and go forward. The number one stands for new beginnings and I received a new beginning in September of 2020. The number eight is a symbol of confidence, self control and mentality. The number zero is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual journey. 180 is telling me to trust my intuition and move forward knowing God has a plan for my life.

I did some heavy research into this number and the Biblical importance of it today. It turns out the number 180 means a directional change, point of change, going and not looking back.. When we get to a 180 we are either going forward or backwards. We are either going for the light and God or going for the Devil. I prayed last night before I went to bed for God’s guidance and my guardians to show me the direction I needed to take with my new gifts. I heard the words “180”, “heaven” “hell” and “faith” which spoke to my heart directly as an answer to my prayer. In my quest to be a light warrior for God and better Christian I often face spiritual warfare in my sleep, daily life and at other unexpected times.

This 180 is telling me I have a long ways to go to get to where I need to be and am at the breaking point where I can go one way or the other. Once I commit and go past the 180 I must walk with faith and seek Heaven as my ultimate goal. I cannot go back or go the other way. I am set on being with God and my heavenly host. I went through the Bible and verse 180 in 35 books tells a significant story about good versus evil. Below are a few examples of what the 180 verse or line is in the Bible and its significance to faith, heaven and hell.

Ecclesiastes 10:2; States that a wise mans heart directs him towards the right (good) while a foolish mans heart directs him towards the left (bad).

John 5:14; talks about a man becoming well and not sinning anymore.

Ezekiel 10:11; talks about going in one direction and not looking back.

One response to “Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180”

  1. And I will pour out my spirit…

    Good day.

    I am seeking an opportunity to share in the psychology, observations and perspectives of society. I wish no recognition or other return for any thing I may offer here in the way of interest or insight to these matters.

    I act solely as an independent observer of religious perspectives, from my own understanding of the direction of religion. I am providing the following article as an example of my observations. I purport a different understanding of matters you may or may not find acceptable.

    It was stated to “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God; and everything will be added unto you.”

    Is this the “first” thing the ‘church’ is telling a person to do? Is this command not a principle of empowerment?

    Has anyone professing to understand heavenly dimensions, shown anyone, WHAT and WHERE the Kingdom of God is, so they know what to look for?

    If they’re not telling you these things, maybe they don’t know themselves.

    Putting things into perspectives

    Few people are given to understand, that the expanse of the heavens above them, is like a two way mirror in a police interrogation room. The people on the earth side, considered as being in the room, cannot see anything except that which is within the limited physical scope of their values and perceptions.

    You may understand only what you want to understand, or reason something larger, greater.

    The entities on the other side of the expanse, know all that is around; both within the heavens and on the earth; observing those in the room as to their truthfulness; as well as their values of integrity both in their words and actions.

    This separation of the waters above and the waters below, having the characteristics of a two way mirror, is a natural occurrence in the creation of all things, which is multidimensional levels and separation of thinking.

    Consider the thinking examples of obsessive, compulsive, degenerate, lewd as being those of earth; and compassionate, true, caring, lovely as being manifestation found in its purest form in heaven.

    Consider that God has stated: “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.” That IS the division which separates; and it is not physical.

    Identifying that there is doorway leading in (and/or out) of the room, should tell you there have been invisible entities who have repeatedly come into the “interrogation” room area to exert their influences to continue to confuse, compromise, corrupt, and distract man from awareness.

    Given that man is considered as higher than the angels of heaven, the man can “enter into” a different agreement with the authority who oversees the what is on both sides of the expanse.

    Satan and the demons know who Christ is; but does it stop the demons and Satan from doing what they are empowered to do? Why have they been permitted to continue to go in and out of the dimensions of thinking? Because man allows the compromises into their lives to seduce them,

    Man IS MORE POWERFUL than the evil which corrupts him.

    ONLY man who is under the influences of those evil forces, can cast (expose) evil to the earth, by casting the evil from within themselves, to the void of NOT EXISTING within their scope of THINKING. Man is to move out of the concept of just being in a room, to move into a direction and different way of thinking about life and reality.

    The devil has come into this world as the invisible entity he is; spiritually entering into the man who accepts the devils intentions (dimension of thought), the devil then assumes the man’s role, as it is the devil’s intention to corrupt and confuse, or even overpower and dominate.

    And so you are corrupt through ignorance of matters, deliberately.

    Was not Satan was permitted by God, to spiritually enter the spirit of Job’s THINKING, for Job to spiritually battle Satan to see if Job would denounce God.

    Is a person expected to believe, Satan or the demons only came into the world once to corrupt men?

    Do not think that this is not happening even now upon the earth and in the lives of men.

    It was NOT a physical battle; but as a war of powers and principalities (principles) – dimensions of cognitive processing within the realms of consciousness and thought.

    Nothing mysterious.

    Man was created from within the cognitive understandings of the heavens; and redeemed through a PRINCIPLE.

    And many perish because of this lack of knowledge; yet… Am I the first or only, who has considered these things and others?

    Consider this element of destruction and other vile influences which destroy lives:

    In entertainment, the ways of a man who is serving Satan, is to follow religiously, or influence interest, in the type of characters and super heroes, who do the same or similar things to the so-called worse evil characters, in order to destroy the so-called worse evil characters.

    And the character or super hero in the end walks away having been given justification for committing their own crimes.

    And mankind in their minds, kindled by the idea that some kind of justice has been served, laps up and has lapped up this kind of action, as a representation of reality’s existence through attrition.

    Consider also what is carried out in daily life,.

    This would be similar to a group of politicians who plot destruction, hiring trained killers to kill off a political leader of another faction or country who has evil intent. Or an individual who kindles another individual or group of individuals to fight to fight a war, just because they don’t like someone ideology or they want something from that individual or group.

    Somehow these actions are justified. And laws have been create to promote other such principles which are creating division allowances.

    And further still:

    These things are ALSO the ways of man carried out in petty differences, unseemly comparisons; and other things the parents teach simply by omission, failing to bring to light unbecoming ways and wrongful entitlement.

    The courts are designed to allow offense, and then compensate those who have been wronged as if the wronged can be equally compensated.

    What is:

    Offensive; rude; demeaning; ignorant; belittling; unnecessary innuendo; gratuitous content; misdirection; misrepresentation; lies; reminders of violence – just few of the elements of popular entertainment AND THE REALITY MANY HAVE COME TO BELIEVE IS NORMAL.

    This is the lie which is:

    That major horrific crime in life is the only evil; where minor infractions are considered acceptable. And excuses are made.

    Man is violent. Man teaches one another to be full of anger. Man seeks possessions where man should not.

    And women are no better than the men in their indulgences and seductions.

    The spirit of competition:

    Compete for the prizes (possessions); compete for entitlement; compete for fame; compete for recognition; compete because it proves you are more powerful; compete because some else did and they want you to do it too.

    Compete in business; in sports; in crime; in most knowledge; in corruption; in exploitation; in entertainment. And teach others to compete AND TEAR DOWN LIVES NEEDLESSLY based in the current values of society.

    From the least of these things to the worse:

    Mankind (who was created in the heavens), who is (only) physically confined to this world from generations before, and to future generations, is a vile, disgusting, ignorant, barbaric, slothful, unthinking, self-serving species; self-destructive no matter how highly they think of themselves or what they accomplish.

    Because of these things,

    Man, in these hours, is no better than the societies of past cultures who performed routine ritualistic sacrifices. Yes, not everyone was, is or has been, commanded to form the action be done; or performed the ritual; but through subtle influences, most everybody for a time, condones the behavior.

    At least the long gone civilizations came to realize or tire of their abominations, that they abandoned their cities and ways, wanting no part of them, even if they didn’t know what they should evolve to become.

    Not so, these present generations. They think nothing of their actions, so as to allow them to continue.


    ‘You (man) know (these things in your hearts).’ And yet imagine as doing none of these things or not being guilty, yourselves, in the slightest ways. And excuses are made.

    Reference: Know ye not that you ARE the temple of the Lord?

    Reference: I WILL send you the Comforter [spiritual entity] who WILL GUIDE you in ALL things.

    Reference: Lo, I [Christ, spiritual entity] AM WITH you ALWAYS.

    Is a man to be three entities bundled into one; or the spirit of one truth having three parts, which brings wholeness to the man?


    Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God, and everything will be added unto you. (Can you find the Kingdom and not find God, Christ?)

    This very simple understanding of having been given your own fullness of identity, IS NOT readily being taught by church leaders (if at all).

    They have provided you with all the wisdom THEY think you can handle, nothing more. They embrace and empathize with your struggle; and they will even remind you that you were to struggle , so you go back to them, because they understand your struggle. They want you to struggle because it makes them powerful that they can ease your struggle even for a moment.

    You deny Christ and yourself when you go to them; when Christ has given you all that you need. You were created in the heavens, but redeemed while on the earth to enter into the understandings which set you free, on earth and in the heavens .

    This very simple understanding, IS NOT readily being taught by the YouTube prophets (if at all).

    They have provided you with all the wisdom THEY think you can handle, nothing more. They embrace and empathize with your struggle, so you go back to them, because they understand your struggle; and they will even remind you that you were to struggle. They want you to struggle because it makes them powerful that they can ease your struggle even for a moment. They are happy to bring your and their attention to themselves, their wisdom of a matter. And you go away (to come back to them) wanting more; without realizing your own worthiness in Christ.

    You deny Christ and yourself when you go to them; when Christ has given you all that you need. You were created in the heavens, and redeemed while on the earth to enter into the understandings which set you free, on earth and in the heavens.

    Are you NOT yourself empowered to understand THESE words. WHEN YOU LISTEN TO A MAN, do they speak to you as if only from inside the interrogation room area, or as from the other side?

    You have to be as on the other side, to identify which side they speak from.

    Consider these things well.

    And now, to finish AND destroy the destruction which has corrupted the earth.

    Man has a physical image only for the purpose to function righteously in the physical dimension, and images are not to be regarded. Seek then the unseen character of the man, DESTROYING (importance of) image, which can be anything.

    Reference “Crucify the deeds of the flesh” In doing so, the reasoning of a man takes command over the urging of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.

    It was said specifically, not to say that Christ is here, or there, even if he did come at a time. YOU WERE CREATED IN THE HEAVENS. You were to crucify (put an end to – destroy) the deeds of the flesh.

    Know you are not to seek, nor find the image you have long waited for; or any image; even if that entity (image) is standing in your midst.

    You were created from within the heavens.

    Every man has the opportunity every moment to be as Christ-minded to spiritually enter the heavens, as Christ did.

    When his flesh was crucified He went to the heavens to prepare the place for your spiritual self to advance into the heavenly dimensions of thought, even if you still existed in the (crucified) flesh.

    The divisions which separate understanding.

    Without even formally forming the words within your consciousness, ‘you know’ this is where you exist – as having (not tangible to the eye) knowledge of the creation.

    You have the knowledge of dismantling of the cosmos, of concepts of kingdoms, philosophies, ideologies, justifications, religions, technology. Many have attained to knowledge; and many more are still to come; but not knowledge specific to keeping simplicity from existence SUCH THAT A CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND.

    There is too much of the wrong kind of knowledge.


    Have you not been distracted by many who would keep you from this understanding? (Reference: Man’s entertainment pursuits which have distracted many from the truth.)

    What is intuition, interest, dedication, compassion, consciousness? Can they be physically touched, or are they spoken of as “powers” of cognitive reasoning?

    For a time until the completion of the fullness of the end; through many ways physical and spiritual.

    Of death and destruction upon the earth:

    There is the death and destruction to end the realms of wars which tear apart.

    Death and destruction is an end of the realms which corrupt.

    Death and destruction is an end of the realms which exploit.

    The end of death and destruction can be one of dignity; or horrific.

    Like the civilizations long past who created their ideologies… the world ‘you know’ has been create by you; and you are man; acting in the ways of a man.

    Have you not learned skills and carried out your purposes of success? ‘You know’ the power you have used in the ways of death and destruction.

    You (mankind) have fabricated from select limited knowledge, woven your death shroud, immersing your minds into the abyss (waters) gathering the good and the evil both, fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and being seduced to over complicate. Are there not many who are inclined to create their own worlds apart?

    You (man) have taken from the clay (elements) of the earth, finding anything you can, to compete; which then gives you the impression you are as above another; and the others in the process, they are destroyed by you.

    You (man) are happy when you destroy; which is nothing more than preventing others from having what you have.

    And the character of everyone is destroyed.

    You who amass much in many ways, are the greatest offenders of destruction believing you are entitled, because you give one another knowledge of the ways of destruction, and give the permission to (spiritually) destroy lives in all manner.

    Long before the establishment of personal agenda in the creation, the concept of a final decision of the end of destruction, was formed.

    Destruction of the destruction

    Will YOUR ways of destruction be ways of dignifying – ending the destruction which tear down lives?

    Or will YOUR decisions be horrific, to complete the destruction you have begun in corruption?

    What do you see coming up out of, upon the earth even now? The ways of harlotry, fickle, denial, no accountability, finger pointing, just a few of the ways which creep into the soul, killing the spirit.

    These thing never again will be found some of both, in your (man’s) ways.

    Where do you go from here?
    You (do) know; and that knowledge is with you.

    Now this too is found in error: Just because you perceive a string of sculpted words you haven’t yet heard from an individual, you proclaim the speaker as divine, inspired, worthy of recognition; destroying yourself like they are somehow better than you.

    Are you not capable of composing your own words; and do you not do so, to find your way through a miserable life? Can you not even now reshape your words and thoughts to think otherwise?

    Have you not been given your own position as heir to the Kingdom?

    Anybody at any time, can, or could, have formed these words here making pronouncements upon the earth; but you (man) have chosen to form devices of your own selfish interest.

    You (man) are skillful in destruction. At every turn, ‘you know’ and you see the destruction you leash and have unleashed upon yourselves.

    You perish.

    And now you will destroy again.

    Destroy what is to be rightfully destroyed; until a complete end. You have seen the ways of entertainment and destruction; you know then from this, what is not.

    Destroy even the destructive ways of yourself; or perish, having your name removed from the Book of Life.

    There is no more time.

    Be aware of what is on both sides of the expanse; as should you. YOU WERE CREATED IN THE HEAVENS.

    We each bring our gifts to the earth; and I am bringing you words of destruction.

    Interpret as much or little you think relevant; it matters not to me, except that it has come to past.

    It is apparent from which side of the expanse you live and will die; what manner you will die; and where your decisions come from.

    For those of you who have forgotten: “Thy (God’s) will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

    And it will be done, now.

    So be it.


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