Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180

Last night I was half asleep and woke up to go the bathroom at 3:01am. I laid back down and right as I fell back to sleep I heard one of my guardians say “180”. Then I heard “faith and heaven” and “hell”. I saw 180 again before I woke up so I sat up in bed thought about what that may mean and wrote it down to write about later. Guardians and Angels often use numbers and pictures to send messages to those that are connected with them. I have been getting these messages for quite some time now and they always have meaning to exactly what is going on with me at the time.

The number 180 from an Angelic meaning is a sign of continuing to push towards enlightenment, transformation and faith based practice of my ability. It is a sign that success through change is coming and that I must do it with faith and go forward. The number one stands for new beginnings and I received a new beginning in September of 2020. The number eight is a symbol of confidence, self control and mentality. The number zero is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual journey. 180 is telling me to trust my intuition and move forward knowing God has a plan for my life.

I did some heavy research into this number and the Biblical importance of it today. It turns out the number 180 means a directional change, point of change, going and not looking back.. When we get to a 180 we are either going forward or backwards. We are either going for the light and God or going for the Devil. I prayed last night before I went to bed for God’s guidance and my guardians to show me the direction I needed to take with my new gifts. I heard the words “180”, “heaven” “hell” and “faith” which spoke to my heart directly as an answer to my prayer. In my quest to be a light warrior for God and better Christian I often face spiritual warfare in my sleep, daily life and at other unexpected times.

This 180 is telling me I have a long ways to go to get to where I need to be and am at the breaking point where I can go one way or the other. Once I commit and go past the 180 I must walk with faith and seek Heaven as my ultimate goal. I cannot go back or go the other way. I am set on being with God and my heavenly host. I went through the Bible and verse 180 in 35 books tells a significant story about good versus evil. Below are a few examples of what the 180 verse or line is in the Bible and its significance to faith, heaven and hell.

Ecclesiastes 10:2; States that a wise mans heart directs him towards the right (good) while a foolish mans heart directs him towards the left (bad).

John 5:14; talks about a man becoming well and not sinning anymore.

Ezekiel 10:11; talks about going in one direction and not looking back.


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