Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Green Room

There is a green room in the house and we have family and friends come over and stay at night on occasion. One of our rooms we use is upstairs and is painted green. It was that color when we moved in so we have not changed it up yet. This room is very comfortable and has been used on many occasions. Recently I went upstairs to check on the air conditioning and when I walked past the green room I sensed something was in there. Me being a sensitive and naturally curious went straight in and tried to see what I was sensing.

I immediately got a strong sensation of spirit in the room and it knew I had picked up on it. We had no issues before and no one has ever mentioned any instances over the years so I was curious as to why we suddenly had a ghost or spirit in the green room. I spoke to it and felt it in the back corner so I approached the area and it moved to the other side of the room. I went to that side and it went into the closet. I was pressing it pretty hard trying to get it to identify itself or leave and it left and went into another room.

This room is called the blue room and is frequently used by guests as well. I went down the hallway and followed it a few doors down into the blue room. The spirit did the same routine hiding in each corner and as I moved towards it, it would move to another side of the room. It then went down the hallway into another room and up some stairs near the attic. I followed it and pressed it to identify or leave. I went into the exercise room that leads to the attic and I lost the feeling which told me it was messing with me or just had gone.

So I went back down the steps and checked a room close by and nothing was there. So I went back into the green room and there it was in the back corner again. So I spoke to it once again but this time it felt different and I know I had agitated it a bit and it was not having me messing with it. At the time I was still learning to sense, see, feel and hear spirit so I was just very curious and trying to learn how to deal with it. It left the room and went into the attic area again and a friend of ours was there and as I began to walk down the three steps from the exercise/attic area it pushed me down the steps.

It pushed me so hard that my left leg collapsed under me and I twisted my knee pretty good. This made me mad so I grabbed my handy Bible and went to send it away with Bible versus. It ran from me for another twenty minutes or so and suddenly was gone. I guess the Bible versus combined with me harassing it made it go away. We have had no further issues so far in the green room but have had some people make comments about things happening in the blue room recently. I guess it will be time to go and run it out once and for good.

The moral of the story is that sometimes spirit is just hanging around, chilling out and is part of the universe and all it beauty. Messing with it can have consequences good or bad. In this case it clearly pushed me but I still believe to this day that it was not mean, malevolent or demonic. I sensed it was a wondering soul that had found its way into the area and the house via the huge power lines that run through our yard. The green room ghost is no issues unless it begins to create issues then It will deal with me and the Bible one more time.


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