Spirit Chronicles: Pictures From The Past

I recently lost a loved one to a drug overdose and this person had spent most of adult life addicted to drugs and living the life that drug addiction creates for people. I knew on several occasions where this person was in trouble, went to jail or got into rehab then cleaned up and “became a Christian”. Then within a short time went right back to that life as if the change that God would make in them actually never happened. Eventually this life of drugs, streets and that crowd got the best of this person and they died a drug addict.

The family was devastated and left with many questions. As a Christian my biggest concern was the eternal life of this person so I called upon spirit guards and Angels to please reveal what had happened with this person. I fell asleep and dreamed about three pictures or scenes that I knew all too familiar from past moments in my life. I first saw a man walking beside a pond pulling a little red wagon with two small children and they resembled the deceased and her brother when they were little.

I then saw a big truck that I was driving and it went into a curve and missed the curve and rolled over and I was riding but someone else was driving. The last image I saw was an elderly lady meeting a younger female in the spirit tunnel taking her hand and leading her to the light. These were all very specific events that instantly hit a memory I had of this person and the family. The first image was easy as when this person was young myself and another member of the family used to take her and her brother fishing and would pull them in a wagon to the ponds and creeks.

The second image was when this person was around 18 and wrecked my dads big tall 4×4 truck in a curve known as dead mans curve tearing the truck all to pieces and surviving the wreck with a few bruises and scratches. The last picture was my mom meeting her granddaughter in the tunnel to take her home to Jesus. She grabbed her hand, smiled and turned and walked into the light sending a calm feeling of happiness all through my mind and soul.

I had been in prayer concerned the person had died and was either restless or wandering around as a soul or even worst in Hell with the devil. These pictures were a direct message sent to me by the deceased and my guardians to make sure that I knew she was OK and would be OK. This was an interesting situation and one I had to kind of hide for a while. I wanted to tell the father of this person about the dreams and visions, but how do you tell that and not sound crazy. So I prayed about it and eventually the perfect situation came along and I told him.

The relief on his face was perfect and it warmed his heart and took away a lot of doubt that was in his mind also. This was the first time in my transformation of spirit where I directly called upon a soul or spirit and received the message back so direct and to the point. No other way could have told the story and closed the emotional scars I had at the time worrying about a loved one suffering in spirit death after suffering for so long on earth.

I thank God and his spirit for offering healing, love, grace and mercy to myself and the family. But I am even more thankful for the message that this lovely person who suffered so much in life was no longer suffering and was safe in death and living eternally with God, my mom and other Angels in Heaven. No matter what we do we can ask for and be given grace, salvation and mercy. This allows us to overcome the death of the body and gain the spiritual journey of Heaven forever and ever.



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