Spirit Chronicles: The Crying Lady and Angels With Candles

I dreamed I was at a massive church and everywhere I looked I saw staircases going up and down, all around.  Thousands of staircases to choose from and there were other people with me.  As we began to try and walk down a case, seven angels dressed in glowing beautiful white robes with long flowing hair began to walk up or down the staircases forming a shoulder to shoulder line where no one could get past them.  They were all carrying small candles that were lit and  glowing really bright white light that looked like Christmas candles you would see in the window of homes. They did not speak and had a presence about them that was warm and friendly.  They were all Angels of the Lord. 

Beautiful organ music was playing that was very loud and could be heard all over the world.  It was like a calling out to the people to witness the glory that was about to unfold.  I felt safe and secure knowing they were there to protect me.  As people moved up or down the stairs to run away they were absorbed by the candlelight and became part of the glow.  Each soul collected made the light brighter, warmer and pleasant to see.  It was clear God was calling his people home and collecting the souls of the saved.  Some of the people simply were pushed away not physically but just couldn;t face the Angels and turned and ran trying desperately to get away.

The flow of Angels was non stop and numbered in the millions.  Five at a time in rows five or so feet apart walking in unison and singing praises to God.  Those that were lost ran but it didn’t work.  They were eventually led into a room where there was a beautiful crying lady.  She had long hair, was young and very pretty.  Her hair was curly and long and she was quiet.  She just looked at the people and cried.  I was watching all of this from above as a third party.  I saw people step to her and plead their case and she would drop a tear and they would just vanish into a dark vacuum like tunnel. 

I deciphered this tunnel as hell and she was the lady of the church that was weeping for them because they were lost.  They chose fear and ran away from the Angels and their light.  They instead chose to run towards that tunnel and were swept away forever to suffer at the hands of their own actions, thoughts, beliefs and it had consequences.  The weeping woman was overpowering and so sad.  She was a mother of sorts and was very depressed and sad that so many people were lost during this rapture of sorts.  She just stood there and wept.  As the dream ended the thousands of steps began to disappear and go away as the Angels converged on a central location.  Some of the people fearing the consequences of the weeping woman ran and jumped off the steps and just disappeared into oblivion.

The Angels gathered and the voices, music and worship became so loud you had to cover your ears.  Then a huge light that you could not look at appeared and all the Glory of God was there at that moment and in that light tunnel was the millions of souls walking towards Heaven and the magnificent light.  God had sent a message that it is time or revival.  Time for his people to stand up for him, follow his ways and prepare for life everlasting.  As Soon as it had started the tunnel closed and the Angels and souls went to God and the world was dark.  The light was gone and those that had been left behind with the weeping woman were left to struggle, suffer and endure forever and ever.

According to Revelations Angels will serve major roles in the end of mankind and the rapture. Revelation 5:11; Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels surrounding the throne and the living creatures and the elders; they numbered myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands.

  • God will send the angels to become harvesters at the end time. They will harvest both the good and the evil.
  • The wicked will be judged in the presence of angels
  • There will be seven angels that will stand before the Lord with seven trumpets.
  • Before Christ returns angels will pour out seven bowls of judgment on the people of the earth (Revelation 15 and 16).

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