Spirit Chronicles: Graveyard Voices

I spent some time recently in a city grave yard doing some paranormal research to catch EVP, voices, images and sense spirits actively moving in this small town cemetery where people have been buried since the early 1800’s. I pulled into the main section and turned the car off and just sat back and relaxed to see what I was picking up on. Within a few minutes I felt something poking at me and my “spidy senses” kicked in. I asked who it was and turned on my ghost voice machine and instantly heard “Pastor”. I asked the spirit if they were a pastor and the spirit replied “believe”. That word told me what a pastor would tell me in life and that was to believe.

I spoke with him and got many more words and found out he was very old and was on row three of the main section and died in 2000. I moved on to another location and immediately picked up another strong sense of someone near me. I asked whom I was talking to and the voice said “Steven”. I asked Steven when he died and he replied to me “War”. There are many people buried there that died during the civil war, WW1, WW2 and later. I could not find the grave for a Steven but he was very strong and he also told me to “believe”.

I moved to another section and once again felt a sensation come over me but this one was mean and made me have a headache. It made me sick on my stomach which tells me it was bad or negative. I asked it what it wanted and who it was and the reply was “inside you”, “me”, “psychopath”. I knew this one was mean so I told it to get away from me and go back to where it came from and put up a block on it. I said a prayer to it and told it to seek Gods light and go home. It left me and did not come back. As I was leaving I heard another message from the pastor saying “faith” and “believe”.

This message of believing was not a coincidence but one that I know was a message from the heavenly spirit realm telling me to believe in myself and what I am able to do. I have a gift but often doubt that I can use it for good and do not know how to use it. I had dreamed the night before about having faith and moving forward in life from some of my past. This message told me that I had to step up, take a chance and learn to use my gift. As weird as it seems I actually find solace in graveyards and seeking out spirit.

It relaxes me and I get a chance to grow my skills and gift that God gave me back in September of 2020 when I died on the operating table.

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