Spirit Chronicles: E58,Dark vs. Light (The Soul Snatcher)

This experience was one that took things spiritually to another level completely. It involved a younger female, two guardian spirits and a demon. The young lady had recently been troubled by some very personal trauma in her life and being young did not know how to deal with the inner mess she had going on. Those around her that she trusted the most had somehow let her down. They had failed to take care of her emotional needs and she was slipping into depression. With that depression comes anger, resentment, ill thoughts and tons of self doubt. That is when the demon lady stepped in and started planting seeds into this young ones head about things she should not be considering.

I had a feeling that things were going to get worse before they got better. We all have to trust our intuition and for me that is what I go with. My intuition told me that this young one had some major issues going on and she was shutting down. It came to a reality when the young lady stepped forward and asked me to help her out. She was desperate and in need of lifting up. The young one had drawn some pictures on a piece of notebook paper and those pictures told the tail of a troubled person that was thinking really bad thoughts. Self doubt had kicked in and she was at a breaking point.

The young one handed me the note and asked me to read it. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I took the picture from her and instantly felt sorrow, fear and anxiety as soon as I touched the picture. I will not tell you what I saw on the picture but I can say it was scary and disturbing and shook me to my core. I instantly saw E58 and saw a note pad. That was the sign spirit gave me to show me what was going on. Spirit so far in my transformation has shown me things through quick little blurbs of pictures, numbers and thoughts that come and go in a second or so.

I knew this young one was in trouble also when I touched the note and a heavy spirit hit me hard in my chest as if to sit on me and compress me. That is what evil spirits and mean ones do. They press at my chest as if to make me think I have a heart attack coming to slow me down or get me to quit focusing on the person needing help. I felt the attack and instantly began to block it and tell it to get away from me. This one was older and mean and I knew I was in for a fight so I said a quick prayer and called on God, my Angels and Spirit guides to offer protection.

I prayed God send me the words to calm and soothe this young person and begin the process of healing. One of the things she wrote on the paper was darkness versus light. I asked her and she said she felt like that was what was going on in her life at the time. I explained to her the battle of good versus evil or dark versus light. I knew she was struggling with things and that something mean and nasty was messing with her. She began to tear up and cracked a little smile when I told her God was with her always and he wanted her to be in the light. I explained how we all have a decision to go to the darkness or the light.

That is when I felt the presence of an older soul and younger male soul. These two are her guardians and are somehow attached to her. I felt like the older female was her grandmother and as I write I am getting all tingly and feeling the spirit again. She is a pleasant spirit that wants to help out. The younger male is also helping her out and trying to protect her. Meanwhile, the older mean demon kept pressing me hard the more I spoke to the young one and saw the light coming into her head, eyes and heart the more it came at me.

I demanded it leave the young one alone and go back to where it came from. I spoke to it mentally and told it in the name of God and his only son Jesus Christ who have authority over all beings human and spirit to be gone. That is when the air cleared and the chest pressure lightened up. My guardians had showed up and were pushing it away as well out of the area and from the room. We spoke for a while further and I gave the young one advice and plan to overcome this darkness, the feelings, anxiety and fear she carries.

I gave her three Bible references to read and some other information about getting the help she will need to be strong enough to win this life battle. She is facing a spiritual, physical and mental battle that will require her to seek Gods grace, mercy and help. I silently prayed for her and the family and asked the Angels and Guardians to help protect and guide her in this journey. I was exhausted from the spiritual activity and all that had occurred with the attack on me so I walked down to the bathroom to clear my head.

As I was alone in the bathroom the mean old spirit came back and came at me again. Pressing at me and trying to come into my neck area but I pushed it away. It was really pissed at me and had bad intentions. It had been banned from being near the young one in Jesus name and had no authority or power to continue what it was doing. So it came at me which I fully expected to happen. I said a prayer of protection, called on my spirit guides and Angels to protect me and send it packing back to hell where it belonged. I settled down and it went away but I knew the battle had just began so I was prepared mentally for it when I got home.

I was so tired I came straight in and went to lay down for a little while. I fell asleep and that is when she showed her ugliness to me. She was dark headed, ragged hair all over the place and had a horrible set of teeth on her. Just as I settled in and fell asleep she appeared and growled at me opening her mouth over a foot wide and showing her ugly teeth rotten to the core and nasty. She was like a witch of some type, probably a soul catcher which is a demon spirit that attacks people at their weakest moments.

I fought it off and banned it from coming at me again. I called on Jesus and my Angels and as quick as it came it was gone. Demons prey on weakness and human choices and decisions we make. They push buttons casting doubt, creating fear and plant small little seeds that if not dealt with will grow into major problems we face as humans. In this case the demon wanted the girl to hurt herself of someone else using fear and doubt to grow that seed. Demons attack when we are weak and push people into drug addictions, over dosing, sexual misconduct, criminal activity, alcohol abuse, physical abuse and violence.

We have work to do and this young one can overcome and push this thing completely out of her life and walk on the light. The closer she gets to God and seeks his help, the further away these things will go until they give up and move on. God is over all and anyone that is of the light and serves him will receive his blessing and Angelic support. I fell back asleep and saw these other messages concerning the issue today and it all made sense and went right back to show me that the feeling I had and the messages I got were right on.

Below are the Bible verses I received from spirit and you can read the word and see for yourself. I warn you that evil truly exists and a battle for souls has been taking place since creation and man sinned against Gods master plan. I told the young one to pray for help, think of the light and avoid dark thoughts. I sent the demon soul snatcher away and hope it stays gone. I felt good about the experience and it confirmed that God has a plan for my life and left me here not once, but twice near death to help others see his light.

Take heart in God. Be of the light. God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and salvation. Avoid the traps the devil lies in front of you and believe. If the young lady believes that she is OK and I helped her find God then praise be to God. Some will doubt it, think it is a story, made up and fall for the devils lies. While others will see the truth of the world, its deception and the devils role on the daily destruction and sin of life.

Ephesians 5:8; For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.

Psalm 119:105; Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Ephesians 5:11; Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

Psalm 18:28; For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness.


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