Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Me and the Beach

I saw my mom last night in my sleep. My mom is one of my guardians and is very involved in my life from Heaven. She was a protector on Earth and continues to be one in Heaven. It had been a while since I saw her in my sleep but I feel her all the time almost daily. I have written many stories about my mom and her spiritual guidance she gives me and my family so you can browse my postings for more stories about her. One of our favorite places to go every summer when I was a boy all the way into my older teenage years was the beach.

We would go every summer to the beach down at Emerald Isle, NC and stay for two weeks. We stayed in a camper with my dad, mom and two brothers. We always stayed in a small campground called Bogue Inlet Park and it was right on the beach and beside a pier. I know this place like the back of my hand so I am 100% sure that is where I was at with her in this dream. I was a full grown man sitting in the beach sand near the water and was playing in the sand with a silver bowl that you would make a pie crust in. I was grown but also felt like I was just a boy and there was no one else on the beach.

The seas were calm and it was low tide and the water was way out there and the sand was not wet where I was sitting. I sat there and played in the sand as I would have as a child building sand castles and watching the tide rise and slowly melt them away as the water rolled over the structures I made steadily to eventually make it go away. I looked back and my mom was sitting in a chair back off the beach a ways just smiling at me as if she was enjoying our time together just she and I. I heard others talking but did not see anyone nearby so I smiled back and continued to play.

I stood up and she motioned for me to come to her and as I went near she stood up and started walking off the beach up the path. I followed since I assumed it was time to leave and go back to the camp site. As we topped the dunes I saw the people that I heard and they were sitting in the way of the small sandy trail as if to block it on purpose. A woman I did not know told me “you cannot leave” the beach right now you have to stay. I felt like she was not a nice person and the small girl beside her looked at me with a mean look and had dark eyes. This told me that they were demons and wanted me to stay on the beach with them.

I live in a constant battle between the two and the closer I get to God the more the demons mess with me because God has a master plan for me. My mom without saying a word looked at me and I knew to follow her. I am a big man and the only exit area was a small crease between the two people and their chairs. I was not afraid and frankly was ready for a fight with them. Mom motioned to follow her and she slid in between the chairs easily and I followed. The space was real small but I was able to bend myself to make it between and as we exited the beach sand the lady started mocking and laughing at us.

Mom looked at me and smiled which told me everything was going to be OK and I watched her walk off into the distance. I turned to look back and the beach was gone and the woman and her child. Mom was showing me that I cannot look back on life, live in regret or seek to change the past. I can only change the future by moving forward. God sent me a message the other night about “180” and not looking back in life. This reinforced my thoughts of living faithfully, hopefully and seeing what God has in store. I loved spending time on the beach with my mom last night and look forward to seeing her many more times.

Thank God for moms, angels, guardians and spiritual guidance that comes from Heaven. My blog is titled heavenly notices because of my mom and her presence in my life even after she has transitioned to heaven back in 2017.


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