Spirit Chronicles: Golden Light Warrior

The Golden Light Warrior

I had a vision of a Golden Light Warrior that was sent to save the world from its sinful nature, lack of self control and lost path.  The world was full of people that were self-loathing, lustful, anger, resentment and division.  This was led by the Devil and his minions using social media, politicians, celebrities and large corporations to sway people into thit thought pattern.  The world had become one of division between two sides that were for good and the other for bad.  The good fought the good fight and believed in justice, family, religion, freedom, hard work and other God like qualities.  The other (dark) side was all about themselves, sexual misconduct, division by racism, corruption, misleading social media and corrupt politicians.  

This battle raged on for many years until the time came for God to intervene.  He had given everyone free will and all chose one side or the other.  The side that chose the dark was comfortable with sin, lying, cheating, deceiving and self promotion of ideals that destroy the family unit.  I saw pictures of organizations that were examples of this dark side and its influence on the world.  I saw a television, a phone, a computer and a list that showed me the organizations leading this corruption of the family unit.  I saw a Huge Golden Light Warrior standing over everyone (millions of people) and beside him was a fountain of light that was flowing like a huge water fountain.  

Out in front of the Golden Warrior was all those people and their sins.  I saw addiction, violence, deception, lies, sexually explicit activity, poverty, riches and a symbol of a leader with two faces. These were the symbols of the dark side and the toll it had taken on the world.  I also saw people with Bibles, books, crosses and other biblical references around them.  The light people on the light side were being shown a beam of light from the giant fountain that was thrown at them by the Golden Warrior.  The lost or dark side people were surrounded by a dark circle and the light missed them as it went by to the saved.  The lost were perishing by falling into those dark holes and as they went under into hell they changed their look on the face from one of pleasure to one of terror.

Some reached up and tried to grab the light beam and others pleaded for mercy and some were saved from the dark holes.  The people receiving the light were swept towards the huge fountain and one by one entered into the light beam and went into the fountain making it bigger as it went.  I heard Angels singing “the day of redemption is upon us” and I watched the people move into the fountain one by one.  Millions of them went into the light while the others screamed,cried, pleaded and begged to not go into the dark.  It was too late and most tried to seek saving from the light warrior but they were lying and just trying to save themselves so they went to hell.  

The fountain suddenly shot straight up into this glorious spray of light of all colors of the rainbow and went towards the heavens.  At the end of that light spray was a massive spirit that was so wonderful and powerful that you could not stare at it.  It was brighter than the sun and beautiful.  It was warm and comforting and the spirit at the top was God and his glory.  I saw millions of old souls joining in and singing heavenly praises to God and celebrating joining their family members in the light.  On the ground where the dark holes were eating people up I saw dark spirits circling those people, holding them down, pushing them into the holes and laughing at them.  The Golden Light Warrior began to spray them with his light beams and they began to go into the holes to hide and run.  

God’s power was evident and he is the most powerful spirit and controls all.  The cleansing was happening and God was calling his people home and cleansing the world of the lost.  Some mocked the light and Angels nine feet tall flew from the clouds and vanquished them into the darkness.  The dark spirits surrounding people were sprayed with the light beams and evaporated or ran into the dark.  When the people and the dark spirits entered the dark holes and went out of sight the holes closed forming small hills all over the ground like a graveyard with millions of people buried alive, lost and gone forever.  The sky became blue and all the colors of the rainbow, music rang out loud comforting like none I had ever heard and Heaven on earth had begun.

I was watching all this happen while floating in the air above the Golden Light Warrior.  Just before I woke up I was hit by the light and entered it.  I woke up and praised God for his message.  I asked God for clarity, read some Bible verses and was thankful for his message of grace, mercy and forgiveness as stated in his word. 


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