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  • Spirit Chronicles: Granddad Coal Miner

    Spirit Chronicles: Granddad Coal Miner

    I was talking to a guy and his sister and felt a strong male spirit pushing through to me. I tried to avoid it and push him away, but he was determined to be heard. So I finally asked him what he wanted and he signalled to me that he was there for the two […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    There are two forces at play in our lives right now. One of those is good (light) and the other is evil (darkness). It is a battle that has been planned for generations by high powered leaders that are associated with the Satanic Church. One of those figures leading the way when sworn into a […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    I dreamed about a new world order and the plot and plan to take over all countries by four of the Largest military countries in the world. They began the process of dismantling the largest and strongest countries in the world using social media, large print media and news stations. They fed lies and deciet […]

  • Are You Ready for the Storm

    Are You Ready for the Storm

    We are facing a storm folks. One that is sweeping the world and soon to come to pass. A storm of Biblical proportions that I have seen in many visions and dreams. A storm that will cleanse the wicked and free the good. A storm that was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

    Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

    I dreamed about a virus that infected millions of people all over the world. It was a man made virus that was created by people in power to control the population of the world. Those in power had come to realize that they were slowly losing contol of people and needed a way to gain […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

    Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

    I dreamed I was a small soldier about the size of a GI Joe. I was in a war with vampires and killed many hundreds of them along side my peers. One by one the vampires and soldiers were slaughtered on the battle field. These vampires were also very small but powerful and hungry. As […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: 2022 Predictions

    Spirit Chronicles: 2022 Predictions

    I have taken some time off from writing lately to focus on my family and career opportunities. I have continued to have very fantastic dreams and visions as well as tremendous growth in my abilities. I have had a recurring dream where I seen things that I predict to come to pass in 2022. These […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Grandmothers Love

    Spirit Chronicles: Grandmothers Love

    I was on my live stream the other night and one of my viewers was asking me questions about some unusual activity she had been getting at home lately. I felt spirit hit me and knew that they were here on behalf of the young woman on my stream. I felt a severe pain in […]

  • Spirit Chronicles- Voices From The Beyond

    Spirit Chronicles- Voices From The Beyond

    Last night while doing my live show a fan began to ask me questions about a friend she had that was found dead back in April. I asked for the name of the lady and she told me her name. I asked my spirit guides to help me find information about the person, how she […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Water Bridge

    Spirit Chronicles: The Water Bridge

    I was walking down a wonderful pathway beside a creek and suddenly to my right I saw a beautiful bridge made of water. On the other side were massive rocks of all shapes and sizes. They were also made of all colors and were glowing. They were so nice and soothing that I had to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Man On the Throne

    Spirit Chronicles: Man On the Throne

    I was walking down the road being quiet in nature and suddenly the sky opened up above me and a troop of Heavenly Angels came down and gathered around me. I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and fell to my knees in praise of God. I heard a thunderous choir begin to sing “Glory […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Cross Roads of Life

    Spirit Chronicles: Cross Roads of Life

    I saw a group of young people all about teenage to young adult walking up a road in a line. As the road came closer to me I saw all kinds of people from different backgrounds, sizes, races and religions. As they got very close to me the road began to part going right and […]