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  • Romans 5:35- Quit or Overcome

    Romans 5:35- Quit or Overcome

    I am going on record to state that I began this blog to talk about faith, family and how God can enable us to live a better life.  I have been a Christian since my early teenage years and like many have strayed at times, got real close at times, been part time, went to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Three Angels and The City of Gold

    Spirit Chronicles: Three Angels and The City of Gold

    I saw three Angels. Each dressed in different gowns with very bright colors and odd shaped jewelry. The first one had long silver hair and was the oldest of the three. She wore a bright green and gold gown and was an old Angel. She was holding a horn and when she blew it the […]

  • Godlessness in the Last Days

    Godlessness in the Last Days

    We are at a point in mankind’s journey where the things that were written to come to pass are now happening. These things are prevalent in society and across the world. A Godlessness had taken hold of the human race. Like a plague that has infected millions of people and turned them into what is […]

  • Faith, Family and Friends- Life Lessons From Fishing With My Dad

    Faith, Family and Friends- Life Lessons From Fishing With My Dad

    Growing up my dad and brothers loved to go fishing. We would gather up a bunch of worms, get a few cans of corn, load up a bunch of fishing poles and go to a creek, a pond, the beach or anywhere we could wet a hook. We did it for sport and rarely ever […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Last night I went to bed and prayed for God and my guides to reveal to me anything I was able to handle and see from my divine guides. I fell asleep and began to dream multiple dreams about all kinds of things. The one that stood out and got my attention was a dream […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Gifts, Discernment Between Good and Evil

    Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Gifts, Discernment Between Good and Evil

    Lately, I have had several people ask me on my streams when I am helping someone connect with a loved one if it is “Christian” to do so or be involved in spiritual matters. That is an interesting question that will get a different answer from people based on how literally they take the word […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 35

    Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 35

    Last night I dreamed I saw an Angel and I got the numbers. Later in the night I was laying in bed thinking about the numbers and was sleepy so I turned over to go back to bed. I started seeing my spirit tunnel and new colors I have never seen came to me. I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Blue and Purple Dream Colors

    Spirit Chronicles: Blue and Purple Dream Colors

    I dreamed I saw two Angels. One was young and was wearing a blue shroud over his body. He told me the number and stared at me with a smile. The Angel behind him was much larger and was wearing a purple shroud and told me the number Both of these colors have significant meaning […]

  • Book of Enoch Review

    Book of Enoch Review

    Lately I have been reading as many old Biblical text as I can to learn about things that were not written or put into the standard Christian Bible. Reading the Book of Enoch lately has me very interested in things that are deemed “unexplained” in todays modern world. Many of these things have been discovered […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 777

    Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 777

    I have had many dreams lately with the numbers 777 as a number sign from the diving guidance I get from Angels and God. The number 777 is significant to people that are in the process of a spiritual awakening. The number 777 is a direct sign from spirit guides that the process and evolution […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    I have been having lots of dreams and visions about a world war lately. These started long before the Russia-Ukraine developments and invasion. I dreamed that two coalitions formed to fight one another with catastrophic results. It all started with a small scale international event that leads to a desparate act by one of the […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Grandfather Penny

    Spirit Chronicles: Grandfather Penny

    I was live streaming my Sunday night show Unexplained W/Coach B and a lady came into my stream asking me about her grandfather. She was very attached to him and was struggling at his recent passing. Her grandfather had raised her since she was a teenager and he was dealry missed. I felt a male […]