Spirit Chronicles: Family Matters

I fell asleep and instantly transported to my grandmothers house where I spent all my Sundays and many of my summers when I was growing up. My family would always gather there after church on Sunday and eat, play outside and watch NFL football games. Grandma Smith always cooked a load of food on Sunday for the whole family. My grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad and several uncles and aunts are now all together in heaven. I see all of them on occasion in my dreams and in this one they were all there.

I walked up the concrete porch steps to her house and walked in and sitting on the couch was one of my moms brothers, two of her great uncles, and several of my moms siblings. I was surprised to see all of them and they appeared to just sitting around as they would have many years ago watching a little TV and talking about stuff. My family was very close knit and we always hung out every opportunity we had to do so. Spending time together was a family matter. It was important to us and part of what made me who I am today.

As I walked into the living room I saw all of them gathered as if they were there to support me in my journey as a medium. My mom smiled at me, my dad sat and looked at me rubbing his beard and my grandmother smiled at me. It made me feel very good to know they are so close to me and watching over me. I need their support from heaven and the spiritual guidance they offer me as well as the protection. Guardians and Angels protect you and are around you all the time in a supporting role as you walk through life. They have made watching over me and my family a family matter and I am so apprecciative of everything they taught me, showed and do for me in heaven now.

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