Spirit Chronicles: Demon Tries to Drown Me

Last night I went to sleep and while I was in deep sleep a demon attacked me and tried to drown me. I was lying in bed and suddenly I felt a very strong female demon spirit step into the bedroom. We have had a bunch of visitors this week and evidently one of them has a female demon trailing them and it picked up on me and came after me last night. I was sleeping and it grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back forcing me backwards into a pool of water.

The bed turned into a pool of water and she used that to try and drown me. As she was pulling me back and into the water my head went under a few times and I was struggling to get my breath. I physically fought the demon but she was old and strong. So I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and that made the demon madder. She slapped me on the back and left a mark and continued to pull me down into the bed of water. I continued to say the prayer and recited some bible verses and she screamed and let go. Demons cannot overcome scripture and once they sense you are strong and of the light they will go away.

I banished her away and back to hell in the name of God and Jesus. As she let go and went away she screamed bloody murder at me and let go and vanished from the room. My wife was watching me and woke me up. She said I was struggling with something and acted like I couldn’t breath. I told her what had happened and she was scared for me. I have been attacked about 10 times now and I always dispatch them. God is making a major move in the light and universe and it has things out of whack.

The devil has had his due and God is taking over now. Watch what happens the next few years and see how the devil and demons will truly show in people that are lost. It is happening all over the earth already. When preachers and christians confront a possessed person they will turn away, scream, try to assault them and show fear in Gods word. The truth will win so be careful what you are messing with and who you are mingling with.


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