Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 35

Last night I dreamed I saw an Angel and I got the numbers. Later in the night I was laying in bed thinking about the numbers and was sleepy so I turned over to go back to bed. I started seeing my spirit tunnel and new colors I have never seen came to me. I saw spirit moving in and out of the tunnel and went deeper into it than I have ever been.

I usually see purples and light colors but this time I saw light blues and whites as I made my way into the tunnel. The spirit figures moving back and forth past me changed shape also as they are normally just kind of a human shaped figure. This time I saw a light being that was beautiful and made me feel so at ease. I immediately thought that this was Ascended Masters.

I just knew that was who I was with and then I read about the Angel numbers 35 and it applied 100%. The number 3 represents guidance and protection from Ascended Masters. The number 5 also represents guidance, love and change in life. I am facing some life changes that I need to work on and make decisions with. Seeing the ascended masters in my spirit tunnel was a wonderful experience and the beginning of new and exciting times in my spritual journey.


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