Spirit Chronicles: Three Angels and The City of Gold

I saw three Angels. Each dressed in different gowns with very bright colors and odd shaped jewelry. The first one had long silver hair and was the oldest of the three. She wore a bright green and gold gown and was an old Angel. She was holding a horn and when she blew it the music was deafening and you could feel it pushing into your chest. It was beautiful but a little scary as well. It was a warning sound that things that have been predicted to happen in the past are beginning to take place. She showed me a huge battle all over the world between good and evil. Her horn was the calling signal for the good to battle the bad.

The second Angel was shorter and much younger. She was a teenager and she was carrying a bow and arrow. She fired the bow and arrow into the clouds and a rain of biblical proportions began to fall all across the land. She was wearing a purple and gold gown that had shiny diamonds all over it. She fired another arrow into the skies and locust began to fall over the earth. she fired a third arrow into the heavens and legions of Angels swept down onto the earth to fight demons that were killing people and taking their souls.

The third Angel was in her mid 40’s and she was holding a giant staff. It was made of gold and silver and she struck it on the earth and massive caves and holes opened up and began to flow lava all over the earth. Lakes were filled with lava and the temperature was extreme. She was wearing a gown made of white and blue. It was beautiful and she was standing strong holding her staff. Every time she struck the earth more holes opened. Soon the demons that were inhabiting the earth began to be pushed into these holes along with the people that had fallen for sin, greed and sexual desires of the flesh.

These three Angels were cleansing the earth of wasted souls and pushing the battle to the devil and his legion. This went on for one thousand years before it stopped abruptly. The Angels joined hands and flew into the Heavens opening up the most beautiful city in the sky. A city made of gold and silver. A city that sang the praises of God. A city that was the new earth and was surrounded by the heavens.

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