Book of Enoch Review

Lately I have been reading as many old Biblical text as I can to learn about things that were not written or put into the standard Christian Bible. Reading the Book of Enoch lately has me very interested in things that are deemed “unexplained” in todays modern world. Many of these things have been discovered or studied but I wanted to dig in deeper and here are some of the interesting things I drew from the text as it is written.

  1. Enoch lived over 500 years. Imagine a person living and walking with God for over 500 years. In modern times we are amazed at people that live to 100 or 105. To imagine a man that is 500 years old is hard to fathom but it is in written history.
  2. Giant Creatures- Enoch makes mention of giant creatures walking the earth and all over the land. I make the connection to this as the Dinosaurs that once walked the earth millions of years ago. That tells you how old the Earth is and how far back Enoch would have existed with God himself. Dino’s have been proven to exist so the evidence is there to support it.
  3. Stars, Moon, and Sun- Enoch wrote about the stars, sun and moon and how they rose and are set in a pattern that will continue forever until God sees fit. These all have a pattern they run daily, weekly and monthly around the earth. More evidence of well written word.
  4. Seasons- Enoch wrote about the seasons of winter and summer and how the leaves changed and foillage was different. God created the tress and nature and it continues to cycle today.
  5. Demoralization of Mankind- Enoch wrote about how mankind will lose its way. Become sinful and eventually suffer at the hands of deceit.
  6. Evil, Oppression and Self-Loathing- Enoch wrote about the ways of evil and how things will eventually come to pass. The weakness and tempation of evil will cause many man to fall while others rise up in the Heavens on the day of Judgement.

I will be reading other ancient text and reporting about it. Take some time and go read the Book of Enoch. It applies very strongly to what is happening in the World today and what is to come.


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