Spirit Chronicles: Blue and Purple Dream Colors

I dreamed I saw two Angels. One was young and was wearing a blue shroud over his body. He told me the number and stared at me with a smile. The Angel behind him was much larger and was wearing a purple shroud and told me the number Both of these colors have significant meaning in dreams. Below I will cover what these colors mean to me and how they can apply to your life.

Before I even talk about it, let me say that those two colors are my absolute favorite. I love light blues and purples. In this case the blue was sky blue (Carolina Blue) if you are a Tar Heels fan. The shade of Purple I would say is more lavender and ligher colored. These hold meaning to may life and what is happening with me spiritually as I grow my skill set as a medium (light worker). The taller Angel was older and more powerful and I have seen him atleast three times the last 15 months. \

The younger one was newer but very soothing as well. I think he is an apprentice to the larger one and is learning his skills and assignments. The older one never sat foot on Earth as a human. The younger one felt more human like to me. You may say, how do you know this? The answer is the way I know many things about people, places and things. I have to follow my intuition and experience. I have to trust the process that has guided me so far into helping many people connect with loved ones that have moved on.

The color Blue has a meaning of tranquility and peace. It represents water and nature. I love both of those and have become close to each as a cleansing tool as I often deal with both positive and negative spirits as a light worker. Blue is the color I saw first when I died in a heart surgery and crossed over before being sent back. It has always been one of my favorite colors. All this sounds crazy right, but lets look at actual life experiences I have had with this color of sky blue.

I grew up in North Carolina and have been a huge fan of the Tar Heels. My favorite shirt in elementary school was a sky blue t-shirt. My first car was a sky blue Ford Pinto (1978) model. My favorite crayon was blue and purple. The Bible makes reference to the color blue My daughers love blue times and it is regarded as one of the most popular colors in flags all over the wolrld. It represents Godliness and Gods spirit in our lives.

Now we move to Purple and what it means to me and those life experiences. Purple represents change, movement and a push forward in life. It represents creativity and passion. It often is referred to as the color of favor from Angels and God. Purple represents an unveiling in the Bible and royalty. I am not royalty for sure but have been shown great favor by God most recently in my life.

Purple is mentioned is mentioned 48 times in the Bible and is thought to be the favorite dye of the old world for clothing and highly sought after as a possession. The robe placed on Jesus was purple to mock him as a KIng. He was King afterall and little did they know what they were doing or who they were dealing with. Purple is a pigment of royalty and loyalty. Purple is the color that one of my baseball teams wore as a child. Purple is the color of my second favorite short as a child. Purple is the color I wore in the church choir robes. Purple is the color of my daughters softball team.

Blue and Purple are huge for me and my family. What colors are huge for you? Read up on it and ask your Angels and guardians to reveal it to you. Take it and do as they are guiding you to do. Blue and Purple represent a change coming for me so I have to look at my current life and see where the future leads. Thank God for his wonderful colors!

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