Spirit Chronicles- Voices From The Beyond

Last night while doing my live show a fan began to ask me questions about a friend she had that was found dead back in April. I asked for the name of the lady and she told me her name. I asked my spirit guides to help me find information about the person, how she was doing and any information that will make the person asking the question better. As spirit began to acknowledge me I suddenly felt spirit hit me like electricity. I knew things were getting ready to get real as the spirit coming was very strong.

When spirit hits me I feel like someone has plugged in a 110 volt receptacle into the top of my head (feels like I am being tickled). I asked her for a name and she told me the name of the young lady. I suddenly seen a vision of a person lying on the street abandoned in severe pain and reaching out for my leg. I felt pain in the right side of my face, jaw and top of my head. My stomach and ribs were also hurting. Then I saw a man standing over her with a heavy set build, not shirt on and ragged jeans. He was holding a belt in his hand and looking down at her.

As I told the lady what I saw she began to cry on the other side and put in the chat OMG. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the person I had described was the person that killed her friend. She also told me that her friend was beaten severely by this guy and she was left for dead on a street corner. It gets even crazier because I then remembered a blog post I had written about a dream and it was close to what we were talking about.

I went to my writings and read the dream I had back in May of 2020 and it was almost identical to the information I was seeing again. I then saw the young lady smile at me and crawl off towards the light. That told me that she was with the light and was safe and had a new spiritual journey in Heaven. I told the friend and she was still crying and told me that I had solved her question and made her feel better. That is how spirit works, when it hits me it will show me what it wants to and I will then tell people that information.

The lady is now feeling good and in Heaven. The pain went away and her friend feels much better. The man was caught and went to jail. I had always wanted to help solve murders and crimes with my gifts so this is a step in the right direction.


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