Spirit Chronicles: Granddad Coal Miner

I was talking to a guy and his sister and felt a strong male spirit pushing through to me. I tried to avoid it and push him away, but he was determined to be heard. So I finally asked him what he wanted and he signalled to me that he was there for the two young people I was live streaming with. I told the brother and sister that I had a male that had been gone for a long time, probably 20-30 years.

I told them he was a white male and was a blue collar worker that took very good care of his family. The spirit showed me a baby being held and a heart which signalled to me he had held the baby and was looking out for them. The odd thing was the people I was live with were black. The spirit male being white kind of had me thinking I was going the wrong way with things. I didn’t say anything and then the young male told me his grandfather was a white.

When he said that it made sense and I knew I was on the right track. The spirit showed me an old mill with tall chimneys like a coal plant. I felt cold, damp and breathing issues in my chest. I told the man and woman about this and they told me that he worked in a coal mine in West Virginia and had black lung from working in the mines all his life. He died from causes related to the black lung.

Then the man looked behind him and a woman attached to him in spirit was trying to push through to me and he said “step back woman”. I found this odd so I told the brother and sister what he said and the young lady told me that her grandfather called his wife “woman” all the time as a joke. This was spirits way of letting me know they were present and I was delivering the proper message to their loved ones.

I told the people that the grandparents were active in their life and was watching over them in spirit. Then the female spirit showed me tears which tells me she does not want anyone to fear, be anixoius or miss her because is with them always.

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