Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Yesterday on the way home I was thinking about the past 15 months and all this Corona 19 mess and the health issues that not only myself but hundreds of thousands of people have faced this last year. We had no idea the Corona Virus would take such a toll on us physically, mentally and at times spiritually. Corona Virus did lots of damage, took lives, damaged the body and left all those people missing someone or working hard to recover from the stupid cough, headaches, lack of energy and other lingering effects. I was talking to a co-worker about this past year and she made the comment that she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

That made me begin to think about my own journey this past 15 months and the health related issues I faced due to Covid 19, its lingering effects and the reasons it may have taken such a hold on me. I was the classic candidate if you follow the “so-called” experts. I was in my 50’s, overweight, diabetic and had a previous heart condition. All of those things combined put me at a higher risk and unfortunately Covid 19 struck my family and me. It made me very sick and put me in the hospital. Like so many others I spent time recovering and for a few days I was not sure I would leave the hospital at all, breathing that is.

I came home and after a long recovery and some continued lingering effects I had become tired of being tired. The struggle was real and then I became sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I sat down with my wife and we decided together to lose weight, become healthier and live our best life. Life and the things that happen in it will make you become tired of being sick and tired. No energy, headaches, achy joints and back aches become a nuisance to people. Then they become a habit or something you just get used to living with. However, to change the past we have to redirect our intentions, habits and behaviors to overcome the same old sick and tired.

When you become sick and tired of being sick and tired you’ll make the decision to change your life and press forward. I am now down 54 pounds, 5 or 6 pant sizes and into a brand new shirt size for the first time in forever. I feel better than I have in thirty years and am working hard and consistently to overcome the past mistakes, break old habits and live my best life. I say ask yourself, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Seriously, are really sick and tired of being sick and tired? When you decide you are then you will attack life and go after it so you then begin to feel better than ever because you feel better than ever.

Step one is to become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Step two is now that you realize your sick and tired. Take action towards fixing what made you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Step three is to change old habits, go hard, work hard and overcome. Step four is to feel better than ever and know that you never have to once again, be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Spirit Chronicles: Old Brick House and the Man in the Window

I dreamed I was riding down the road looking for a place to stay and suddenly I was in front of my Nanny’s old house once again. I have recurring dreams about this old house that I spent lots of time in growing up and actually lived there for three years in my early twenties. That old house had some odd experiences in it when I was a child and those continued when I lived there for three years later on. It seems as if that house was alive in a sense spiritually. There was lots of spiritual activity in that old brick house on Kennedy Avenue. So to dream once again about being at the old house was no surprise. I seem to find my way back to it like I am drawn to it.

I was driving an old jeep like a 1987 CJ off roader around town and in the passenger seat was a young person maybe in their teens that I did not know but felt like I did from the past. I did not recognize him and he didn’t talk to me. He just sat there and smiled at me and rode along with me. We were coming up to a main intersection and I saw this huge mud pit where there were hundreds of Jeeps parked watching and some playing in the mud slinging it everywhere. I looked over and said that would be fun and the young boy just smiled and nodded his head. I drove into the driveway and suddenly I was transported back over to the old brick house.

I needed a place to stay but did not want to stay there. I was not afraid but that house just has history to me that I do not want to go and stay. The young boy pointed to the house and the door was open. He was telling me to go inside. I felt like I should but did not want to once again as I do not care for that old house and its history. I looked over and he pointed to the door and when I looked up the door started to close. Then it slammed shut really hard so I drove off thinking someone was inside. That neighborhood has a wrap around road where you drive past the house and go around a curve over a small bridge and back around.

I wrapped around and drove back by to see what was going on. The door was open, no cars were in the driveway and all seemed to be OK. The young boy pointed to the house again so I felt like I had to go inside and face whatever was holding me back in that house. As I pulled into the driveway the door slowly began to shut again. Then it slammed real hard and that startled me so I backed out of the driveway in the old jeep and as I did the road became full of muddy holes deep and hard to drive through.

I floored it with the intention of leaving and never going back and as I drove away slinging mud everywhere I looked up and the door opened and an old man was peaking out the window at us. He briefly pulled the curtain back, looked at us with glowing eyes and then released the curtain and was gone. I am not sure who that old man is, but many years ago something or someone tried to suffocate my grandfather in that same house during his sleep. I sense that the man in the window was the person that haunts that old brick house. He was the entity that tried to choke my grandpa and is the entity standing in the window.

I have no plans to go back to that old house anytime soon or in the future. The old brick house on Kennedy Avenue holds a place in my childhood and adult memories but it is not a place I want to think about or visit ever again. It is a portal to the spirit realm and too much activity has taken place there over the years. The young spirit guide wanted me to go in and face that demon but the old man did not want me in there so for now I will leave it at that and at some point I know in my heart and gut I will have to face it and send it back to where it came from. With God’s help I will do that someday.

Spirit Chronicles: The Battle for Souls

There is a huge battle taking place right now. This battle has been taking place of thousands of years and has more recently escalated to an all out war. This battle is for the souls of mankind and the survival of the human race. Daily things are happening that were predicted in the Bible to be taking place near the end times and last days. I do not know when or will say it is now, but these things are coming to pass. I have had many dreams of apocalyptical measure and this latest vision and dream just added to the mystery we call good versus evil.

The world had fallen into despair, hope was fading and a new world government had taken over everything. The greatest sham, trickery and deception of all time had taken place. Government leaders from a few of the biggest countries in the world had worked together behind the scenes in a secret society driven by greed, power and lust to secure the devils hold on people all over the world. This group of lost souls doing the devils bidding had lied, cheated, deceived and used their influence to change the face of mankind and its fate.

They used large social media networks, news media and the internet to program the minds of the vulnerable with poison about human relations, racism, civil rights, and other social programs to change the outlook of the world and the way people saw one another. They used money and benefits from the governments to seduce people into not working hard, voting for the destruction of society and pushed liberal agendas that are against God’s word. All in the name of power and control of people.

Then a change began to happen with people that were God fearing and dedicated Christians saw through the deception and lies and fought back. Churches began to grow again with attendance and a new reform of sorts started all over the world like a grassroots organization. Anyone involved was attacked, beaten, arrested and publicly humiliated because it went against the needs and wants of the controlling world order. A leader that was weak was installed in America and he did the bidding of the powerful and with every decision slowly destroyed what America had built for so long.

This leader was deceived, fooled and lost but due to being older he just did not see what they were doing to him. Soon laws were put in place, jobs were gone, food became scarce and the world turned on itself. The social programs promised to everyone went away as the free money dried up and people turned to crime to support their families. Murder, rape, rioting, robbery, stealing and all other forms of crime were praised. The police were taken out of the picture and people fought for the criminals instead of those trying to fight for them and protect them.

The four largest countries in the world became police states where federal troops patrolled and ruled the streets. Drugs were rampant and allowed to be sold legally. Sex workers became a new legal trade and with that the destruction of the modern family continued to dwindle to nothing. Sin has become a norm for most people and the rare Christians that continued to profess against un-Godly actions were persecuted, prosecuted and made to be as fools. The whole time this new world order was plotting and planning for the devil. God and his Angels were preparing for the final fight.

This fight was for the souls of mankind. As promised in the Bible the destruction of society was official as people had turned to sin. self loathing, sexual sins. drugs, alcohol and violence as an everyday way of life. It was brother versus brother, family versus family fighting for the very soul of mankind. When it became public as to what really happened and how the government leaders had so easily decieved and re-programmed the people the war for souls began. Those that had so much supported the new world order began to fight back, began to realize what had happened.

The power hungry politicians had become super wealthy at the expense of all people. Three major plagues had wiped put tens of millions of people and were created in a lab by these world leaders. The times were near and the Christian Army of God rose up. A huge fight began between government troops and the citizens of these countries. Lives were lost daily and civil anarchy was ruling. Communities were ran by gangs and street level thugs with nom police presence due to the lies and deception given to the people about how police and rule of law was bad. Then the final chapter came and that is when the Angels of God and the Demons of Hell began to fight on behalf of mankind and their souls.

Shots and stamps were given to people to mark them. Most took the shots and marks while others did not and refused to be part of it. The minority knew in their hearts what was happening and held steadfast to their beliefs. The Demons began to kill, hurt, destroy anyone getting in the way of their total world domination activity. We now had a one world government where the political leaders of American, Russia, England, France and other huge countries were mere puppets to a master planner. He had total power over them due to dealings they had been involved in. He could make them do whatever he wanted because he had them with evidence that would ruin them.

Just as this one world ruler (the anti-Christ) had given power so did he take it away. Several of those leaders began to die, go away or be removed from all power. Then the Angels Army took a stand and came down from the Heavens and fought a war that lasted for over one hundred years. Millions of people, Angels and Demons died in this bloody contest. Countless souls were taken to hell and lost forever. It began to look very bleak when the Heavens opened up and super race of Angels more powerful and gifted than any demon could desire to be took to the world slowly wiping out the bad, the ugliness and proclaiming victory one major country at a time.

These Angels stood nine feet tall with wing spans of fifty feet. They were invincible and the finest war machines anyone could imagine. They were powerful in mind, body and soul and could not be shaken or feared anything. They were 100% committed to the salvation of mankind and could not be deceived. Even when shown in bad light, misreported and fake news was shown they stood tall and steadfast in their fight. People began to support them, join them and ask for their guidance and help. All they would say was :”look to the Heavens and give it all to God” They were the demons worst nightmare and sent down to take out evil and wipe it from the face of the earth for good.

This clean sweep of evil, the powerful, the lost and the deceived took another one hundred years to accomplish. This was in preparation for the coming of the king. A king made from Gods seed, one that was promised in the Bible. The Angels had rid the world of evil, hate, deception, lies and greed. There was no need for political leaders or police. There was no need for jobs, money or families as the world was now Heaven on earth. Those that failed to receive the gift of grace were swept away, banished and sent to stay with the devil forever. They had allowed sin to rule them and lost the battle for their souls as promised in the Bible. Gods people were pleasant, loving, caring, kind and saved.

Safe from all hurt, pain, suffering, humiliations and deception. They were given their eternal reward as promised in the Bible. The world was Heaven on Earth ruled by Christ himself. He was celebrated, loved and gave such in return for serving him. Through all the fighting, deception, anger, resentment, power grab and greed God had a plan. A plan for heaven on earth and peace everlasting for those the chose the gift of life and life eternal. This is as how I saw it in my dream. A huge battle of epic proportions for the souls of man. Turn now to the good. Put your eyes on God. Seek his forgiveness and look away from the ways of man.

Step back and see the deception being fed to you by social media, news outlets and super politicians. Only through the destruction of society can they every remain or gain power. Prepare for the war of souls coming soon to a city or town near you.

2nd Timothy 3: 1-5; But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

Matthew 24:7; For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

Acts 17: 30-31; The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.”

Spirit Chronicles: Lost City-Saved City

Last night I dreamed I was trapped in a big city with huge skyscrapers taller than anything in New York or Hong Kong. These buildings literally reached into the sky and were divided by a raging river. On one side of the river the buildings were nicely kept, colorful and looked like a place you would want to live. On the other side were broken windows, bricked missing and structural issues that would make it unsafe to live in. The side with the older broken buildings was also like a slum with people wandering around aimlessly looking for food, shelter and water. A gang of demonic men ran this side of the river and used intimidation, weapons, martial law and brutality to rule the streets and high rises. On the nice side the people were busy about their day working, walking in the park and living a happy life.

I saw people being attacked by the demonic gang as they tried to climb over the wall to the river and attempt to cross it. Most of them perished in the attempt being washed down river never to be seen again. Others were caught by the gang members and took back to an ally never to be seen again. The people lived in fear of their lives and were desperate. They had been part of a brain washing that occurred in the social media, big government and powerful companies intent on control of the human population. The other side were people that had stood their ground, fought against the big media and companies to show them that the world is a much better place to live than what is being portrayed and fed to people daily.

There was a point in the river where the good side of town and bad side of town met and a very small pier that shook constantly was the best way to make it across the river. People from both sides were trying to work together to get everyone across to the nice side. The gangs were trying to stop them from leaving because they didn’t want the people to get across and see the light and beauty of living the good life. Light warriors (Angels) from the good side were actively working to get anyone across that wanted to come over. The problem was the river raged so fast at the small pier that even the light warriors perished at times to make sure the desperate were saved getting across.

Then a huge light came across the city on both sides and it made even the darkest places on the bad side look bright and nice. It was warmth that the dark side had not seen and gave hope to those trying to leave the desperate side. A strong warm wind suddenly blew and it calmed the raging river enough to allow many people to start swimming, wading and coming across. The light warriors attacked the demonic gang in force and pushed them back into the subway system where it is dark, hot and isolated. This was hell and the demons had been defeated losing their grip on mankind. Many light warriors (Angels) perished in the process but their dedication and determination to save the lost and wandering people paid off. The old and broken side of the city began to crumble and fall apart day by day and those that choose to stay when the river calmed perished, suffered and crumbled with it. The lighter side of the city blossomed with new hope, new light, new purpose and a population of good people. Then I woke up and wrote this story down to share with you.

Spirit Chronicles: Transformed Near Death Experience

Back in September of 2020 I had a heart issue that lead me to having a surgery procedure. I went into the hospital to get a reactively simple procedure that is completed daily all across the world to fix clogged and sealed off arteries in a persons heart. It all started with breathing issues, chest pain, and a miracle from Heaven that saved my life. I was given a message from a family friend that is very gifted that my mom from heaven had shown her I had chest and heart issues. She told me that I had two blockages with one being in my main artery and another small one. The average person might think this to be crazy or out there, but for me it was a clear sign that I needed to go to the doctor. Long story short, I went to the doctor and was immediately scheduled for a heart procedure to see what was happening and fix anything.

I had told the doctor the reason I was there and who advised me (a message from heaven) that I had heart issues that needed to be resolved immediately. Imagine telling your doctor that when they ask who referred you to see them and why you think your having heart issues. The doctor picked at me a bit about it in a kind way and scheduled the procedure. I reported to the hospital, was prepped and went into the surgery that morning. That is when the :Transformation” happened. During the procedure something happened and I remember the event vividly to this day. I was under a local anesthesia and was able to talk and hear what was happening around me. During the procedure I remember a brief time when I was suddenly looking out at the ceiling just staring and felt so light and calm. I was not seeing the ceiling tiles or lights. Instead I was seeing the beautiful blue sky and wonderful clouds.

This went on for several minutes and during that time I remember seeing myself lying on the table and being worked on. I also remember the doctor asking me “Mr. Bowers, are you with us”. Mr. Bowers, can you hear me”. Mr. Bowers, talk to us”. I didn’t pay this much attention until later on when I realized after talking to my doctor that I had somehow either died or had some type of near death experience on that table. His exact words were “you scared the shit out of us for a short time:. He then said “did you leave your body”? This triggered me to realize that I had “transformed” that day. God had given me a new gift at the time and used that opportunity to awaken something in me that I felt was always there but was not sure about.

I left that hospital a different person, with a changed soul, with ability that I did not understand. I could suddenly see things, sense things, fell things and hear things that I could not before. I had changed or “transformed” and God had used his spirit to change me and allow me to help others change. I titled the name of this blog Heavenly notices for that very reason. God had allowed my mom (one of my spirit guides) to communicate to me an issue with my heart. Oh, by the way the doctor also told me that everything I told him in the interview prior to the procedure was 100% accurate down to the actual clots and where they were located.

Soon after going home all the dreams, visions, messages, and spiritual activity began to come along. It grows daily and I am guided by God and his spirit as I patiently learn to use what I was gifted when I died or “transformed” on that table. All the many instances I have written about on this blog from the early age of nine to my mid fifties wrapped back to a gift I had but did not know how to use. I thank God for the gift and what it will develop into. I thank God for my guardians and Angels that guide and protect me. I will continue to write about my dreams, visions and experiences as they happen. Embrace the gifts God give us and flourish in life.

Spirit Chronicles: The Dancing Man, The Rock Cross and Feeding People

I was walking along a beautiful mountain road looking at all the wonderful sites. The trees were full of wonderful colored leaves which signified to me it was late fall because that is when the leaves change and is one of my favorite times of the year to visit. I came around a bend on this long and windy dirt road and there was a one lane bridge crossing a small but very fast creek full of big rocks and fish swimming around in the deeper pools. I was walking with someone that I didn’t know but felt very comfortable with like I had known them all of my life, maybe even before I was born. This person had a soothing and warm feel to them that made me feel good inside. As we entered the bridge I looked down stream and there stood a man in a white robe. This man was dancing around in the wild flowers and singing but no one else was around him.

I walked to the middle of the bridge and stopped to lean over the side rail and look at the water, the fish, the giant rocks and the wonder of the water just flowing like life. Turning over the sand, going around rocks, creating little rapids, big rapids and nice calm pools. Water relaxes me and I love it so the dream was making sense. I turned to ask the man with me a question and he was gone as if he had simply vanished. I looked around checking both sides of the bridge to see where he went but he was gone. I could feel his presence but could not see him. I then turned my attention back to the man in the white robe dancing down by the river in the blue, green, red and purple wild flowers. Those are pretty much my favorite colors so it felt good to see the beautiful flowing plants waving in the wind as it blew along the river banks.

The man was about one hundred feet or so from me so I hollered to him, “hey mister, what are you doing”? He looked up at me and smiled and said I am hear to make a nest. I asked him “why would you make a nest in the wild flowers and be standing there dancing”? He looked at me and said “I build the nest so I can store food and feed people”. As he was telling me this he laid a rock on the ground, turned and walked four or five feet on an angle and put another rock down there. I just stood and watched as I was trying to think about his response and then like the other side he walked across the middle of the first rock and placed on an exact angle as he did the other. It looked like he was building a fire pit but why build one that is a triangle shape and so far apart? Then he stepped back in the middle and walked about fifteen feet towards me and put another rock on the ground.

These rocks were big and heavy probably over 100 pounds and he picked them up with ease and placed them perfectly where he wanted them. Once he finished he looked at me and said see “I built a nest to store food for gathering my people”. Then the wind kicked up and the exact spot he had placed the four rocks in revealed the shape of a cross. This was a message from God that he was preparing a place and had built a way for us to find him. As fast as he was there he just walked off going behind some tall pines and he was gone. The place in the high grass was still there and evident to the eye. I woke up and wrote down this vision and began to take notes, pray and think about it. It then hit me that the river, mountains, colored flowers and windy road was my version of heaven and he was showing me to embrace it, look forward to it and to spread the word that God built a big giant T, called a cross and that is where he wants us to be with him.

Luke 12:19;

And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years to come; take your ease, eat, drink and be merry.”’

Psalm 104:14; You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth.

Faith: Teach Me Lord To Be A Role Model For My Student/Athletes

Today I was reading about how we all serve in some capacity as a teacher. Whether we are a school teacher, Sunday school teacher, coach, mentor, boss, manager, trainer or parent we spend portions of our time teaching. As a veteran teacher my goal is to consistently model the behavior, actions, language and professionalism that I would expect a teacher to model for my own children when they attended school. Keeping a focus on that can be challenging on some days, especially when the week is grinding to a halt and you have been dealing with teenagers and teenager things all week. The same applies to managers, parents, bosses, coaches and others as our patience, leadership and example is tested daily as we fulfill our chosen career paths and dreams. I pray for God to guide me and inspire me through his word to be the best possible husband, father, brother, friend, family man, coach, teacher and mentor I can be.

More importantly I want to be the best Christian example I can for my student athletes. That does not require you to cross the lines between religion and schools to accomplish this goal. If you model the best behavior, speak, listen, guide and lead your organization, team or classroom with a sound fundamental set of biblical values then they will see the light in you. They will know who you really are, what you are about and what you value. I have recently been working with a young lady that has a really bad home life and she has been challenged for sure in her life time. The parents are not role models for her and she has began to follow their lead. As her teacher I have taken on the task of modeling behavior for her that she needs to understand about real life when she becomes an adult.

Over the period of a few weeks I have already seen a difference in her thought pattern, language and attitude. She ask me one day why I was always so cheerful and happy. I could only say to her that I was blessed to be here working with my student athletes and peers. I told her that we all choose our path of life and can overcome challenges laid before us. I told her we can change our lives for the better and break the cycle of poverty, drugs, violence, single mom issues and other things that she witnesses daily. She smiled and said I beleive I can do that Coach. That is what we do as teachers, we work daily to inspire our people to build a brighter future, face obstacles head on and challenge life. We can do this by modeling the behavior we expect from them as if they were our own children.

It is not my job to tell them how to think, live or act. It is my job to show them that living a happy, healthy and fruitful life will reap them the benefits they deserve and desire. John Maxwell wrote that “God uses ordinary people who are obedient to him to do extraordinary things”. That quote sticks out to me and I like to seek Gods grace, guidance and mercy as I pursue being extra for my kids, family, friends and community. You can be extra in a good way if you are obedient and model the behaviors God expects of us.

Coach B!

Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid

Like millions of people I had the Covid-19 virus and was in the hospital in pretty bad shape. It took a toll on my overall health and made me really consider how I would go forward protecting myself from viruses like Covid, the Flu bug and other communicable diseases. I have always been a daily multiple times user of hand sanitizer because my profession is teaching and coaching high school kids. Unfortunately they come to school sick, coughing, with fevers, and other flu and cold symptoms routinely. I try not to use the same pens and have always kept a line between my desk and where they sit. I have been fortunate to not get too many colds or flus from my students but with the Covid recovery still ongoing and trying to gain my total strength and stamina back I am more cautious now. With that said I came up with some quick ways that most people know for protecting themselves and their families post Covid from other infectious and communicable diseases.

1- Wash you hands routinely for 15 or 20 seconds. While washing them make sure to scrub your nails and the palms of the hands good as germs will ride in those areas.

2- Use hand sanitizer often and make sure it is one that kills 99% of all germs. I buy mine at the Dollar Tree and it works well.

3- Do not share pens, pencils, utensils and other things we use daily with people. I have my own set of pens to write with and nobody but me uses them.

4- Maintain a proper distance even after Covid moves on. I have always kept my students out of my space and do my best to stay out of there space also. Personal space is important to me and always has been.

5- Stay home if you are sick. Do not be that person that risks making everyone else sick because you are hard headed or do not care. Making other people sick costs them time, money and energy that could have been avoided by just staying home.

6- Clean and disinfect surfaces, door knobs and other items that people touch on a routine basis. I spray Lysol everyday after my class ends and clean the door knobs. We do this daily and so far it has been an effective way to avoid major illness.

7- Respect other peoples rights to wear a mask if they chose to even after Covid 19 is over. I have found that wearing a pullover type mask is actually good for many other things like working outside, hiking, mowing the yard, cleaning the house and other things we do.

8- Do not let people touch or use you phone. Peoples hands can be nasty and full of germs. Those germs get left on your phone and your touching it, using the screen, putting it to your ear and beside your face. I do not like people using my phone so if a student needs to call someone to get a ride I dial the number and put them on speaker to avoid the contact and potential issue of getting sick.

I am not afraid of Covid, the Flu bug or a common cold. But with the experience we all had the last 14-15 months it has shown us that we need to be more diligent in how we spend time around others, touch surfaces and protect our families. Covid was real tough on me and I do not want anymore to do with it, the flu or any other common communicable disease. Stay safe and live your best life!

Coach B

Health: Life Hacks to Better Eating

My wife and I have been working really hard on our eating habits and the way we view food now. For most of our marriage of 28 years we have eat to enjoy food and were not really eating to live. These bad habits we built have now caught up with us and we are at the point of making huge changes in our habits. Eating is a habit and we either form healthy or unhealthy eating habits. We made some simple changes to how we view things and are not eating to live instead of eating to enjoy. Fact is you can eat to live and enjoy your food. With this said we have added many of these hacks into our daily plan for eating healthy and it has allowed us to both drop around 30 pounds already and still enjoy life, food and have the energy to function in a busy life. With this said below you will find some hacks for eating and food that can help you manage eating healthy and living your best life.

1- Add healthy fats to your diet. Adding healthy fats like Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Salmon help your body to burn fat that is stored. The fish are delicious and you can eat 5-7 ounces at a time and that is a lot of food.

2- Eat green veggies and lots of them. Green veggies are very nutritious and offer you the vitamens needed to maintain a healthy life style.

3- Prep your lunch and supper for the next day with the leftovers you have. I love to eat leftovers and recooking them with a few different seasonings and spices adds flavor and saves you lots of money when all those leftovers get tossed a week later from the fridge.

4- East five to six small meals a day about every 2:45. Eat every two hours and forty five minutes to fuel your body and keep to going in the fat burning process.

5- Replace three of your meals with shakes, soups and other low calorie nutritious options to keep you full and on track from binging on bad fatty foods.

6- Eat grilled chicken, lean pork chops, lean turkey and other foul that is tasty and can be prepared in many ways.

7- Take the butter out of the equation and replace it with olive oil and other more healthy options. Butter has lots of fat in it.

8- Drink 100 ounces of water a day to keep you full and hydrated. Getting dehydrated hurts your body function and glass of water can go a long ways in preventing you from eating snacks.

9- Get rid of the snacks in the house and do not buy anymore of them. If they are there you will eventually give in and eat them.

10- Eat healthy and do it with a partner or friends. Get someone to coach you in better eating and have them hold you accountable.

11- Weigh your food and never eat more than six ounces of any meat and 12 ounces of green veggies in one setting.

12- No sugar, no soda, no artificial sweetener or candy. Cut the cravings and get rid of the sugar.

Eating healthy and losing weight is not as hard as we often make it out to be. Make these small changes to eating habits slowly and watch the weight come off and your overall health get so much better.

Eat to live instead of living to eat!

Coach B

Health: 10 Things To Do At Home To Have Fun and Relax

Today we are talking about things to do at home to chill, relax and enjoy family time. At the end of a long work week or day we often need to just chill out, rest and relax. Finding things that make your life more relaxing and fun is important to good mental, physical and spiritual health. Below are 10 things you can do at home to meet these needs and just chill.

1- Take a nap

2- Binge watch your favorite TV Shows

3- Watch an old movie or two you have never seen.

4- Ride four wheelers

5- Sit outside by a fire and make smores.

6- Play board or card games with the family.

7- Take a nice walk into the woods near your house and see what you can discover.

8- Dress up in your favorite outfits and go outside and take some new family pictures.

9- Fire up the grill and cook some good food and eat outside under the moon light.

10- Spend the night camping in the back yard telling ghost stories with the family.

I could go on and on with things to do to relax. Find what does it for you and go have some nice family time chilling, eating, relaxing and just being you.

Coach B!

Coaching: Five Ways to Identify A Quitter

Quitting in life is a habit that people learn from an early age. As they get older and grow up they learn that it is OK to quit sports teams, school, jobs and on family. There are signs that will give you an idea that someone is about to quit on you, your company, your relationship, your family, their kids, their job and life. I talk to my students about this a personal dilemma they may face in life. As a wrestling coach I see it every year. Kids quit mostly because wrestling is hard, practice is tough and it requires a winning attitude to face down all the potential serbacks it offers. I had a kid quit this week after a few minutes. He asked me to join the team so I let him come out. We warmed up doing some tumbling and exercises and within 20 minutes he asked to go to the bathroom and never came back.

I saw him today and asked him what happened and instead of just telling me it was hard or he didn’t like it he gave me a bunch of excuses about he had to go home, his mom called, etc. I asked him to come back and well, he must have forgot because I have not seen him since. I know why he quit because it is hard. Wrestling is a very mentally and physically challenging sport. It was hard so he walked away. He gave up on it. He quit without a good effort. He gave into his self doubt. He was lazy and wasn’t used to the effort required. I am not sure which one of these is the real answer but I do know that this kid has quit more than one sport, quit on clubs and other groups at school. He has learned a behavior and built a habit that it is OK to just walk away.

There is a likely hood that when he becomes an adult he will quit on jobs, family, friends, and give in when life gets tough. Quitting on life blocks people from being there best. They think it is the easy way out, but reality is it just makes things worse. Quitters show signs and could see them in this kid as he was stopping during team activity, wanting to go get extra water, sitting around while the others were standing up. I saw the signs but still tried to save him. I wanted him to stay, overcome and be a better person and athlete. But he choose to quit, walk away and give in. Below are some signs that someone may be getting ready to quit on you.

1- They stop working hard or hardly give an effort.

2- They quit attending functions, events, meetings and required activity.

3- They have a change of attitude about work, life and play.

4- They want it easy and desire instant gratification.

5- They show weakness physically, mentally and spiritually.

My dad always told me that winners never quit and quitters never win. That still stands for me today and I hope more of the younger parents begin to teach their kids to stick with things. Give things a fighting effort. Work hard and work smart for what you desire. Not just give up, quit, walk away, shut down, run from problems and be a quitter.

Coach B

Writing: Reasons To Write A Book/Blog

Let me begin by stating that if the #1 intention of writing a book or blog is to make a bunch of money then you might want to check yourself. I am not saying it cannot happen, but if you go into it with the goal of making $ then you might be off track from the get go. I know some very qualified and experienced writers/bloggers that write and never make a dime. There are literally millions of books and thousands of blogs on the internet to read. I write my blog and have wrote two short books because I like to write, share life stories and motivate others to become more than who they are. Along the way, if I gather a small or large following and sell a few books then great. If not, then I will still sit down, seek inspiration and write daily. Writing is my therapy and something that allows me to bring back old memories, good times and get inspired for life.

So know you know my reason for writing a blog which again is to share, motivate, inspire and offer general guidance to people that like to read what I write. Writing and blogging takes practice and just as I have done for over 20 years in the coaching and educational industry I blog daily to get better. Practice may never make you perfect, but it can make you much better than you were yesterday. I write things down to seek inspiration and guidance. Today for example, my wife and I were cleaning out our garage and I found a box full of old GI Joes, Hot Wheels, Match Box Cars, plastic soldiers, and other things I collected and played with as a child in the late 60’s and 70’s. That inspired me to write about those memories, toys and growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.

Enough of my blabber about why I blog and my inspiration. Now I will give some sound, basic reasons why you should tell your story by writing a book or blog.

1- Everyone has a story to tell. We all have a story to tell and it will help others to read it. \

2- Writing is therapy for the mind, body and soul. Writing clears the mind and allows you to just sit down, relax and put your thoughts on paper.

3- Writing can be a part time or fulltime gig. You may make money and you may not. Either way it can be developed and with the right connections, focus and a bit of luck you can hit it big.

4- Writing a blog forces you to confront your past and think about your future. Writing your story and putting it all out there helps you heal.

5- Writing is challenging and fun. I love to write and never will claim to be a great writer. I am beginning to build a decent following, but as stated above if I was after money I would open a business and dedicate the time I put into writing into that instead.

6- You are an expert at something. I know people that are experts at teaching, coaching, mentoring, preaching, making things, cooking, business ownership, being a mom and so many other things. Use that platform to reach people and give them advice and knowledge.

7- Writing and blogging is part of life long education. You do not have to be a professor of English Literature to be a writer.

8- You can tackle new challenges, conduct research and write about human interest things. People love a good story so tell them a story (hopefully true stories).

9- You discover hidden talent and grow as a person.

10- Writing develops people skills, communication skills, thinking skills, soft skills and many other qualities we need in life.

Grab a pen and paper or your laptop and start jotting thoughts and ideas down. Next thing you know, your a blogger/writer and will see people reacting to your thoughts, ideas, advice and life story. Happy Writing!

Coach B