Writing: Reasons To Write A Book/Blog

Let me begin by stating that if the #1 intention of writing a book or blog is to make a bunch of money then you might want to check yourself. I am not saying it cannot happen, but if you go into it with the goal of making $ then you might be off trackContinue reading “Writing: Reasons To Write A Book/Blog”

Relationships: Words Stick Like Glue

Words Stick Everyone, including myself, tells people it’s just words.  The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will neve hurt me” really is not true.  Words truly matter to others and how we speak to them, address them, treat them, react to them and behave towards them really does matter. Continue reading “Relationships: Words Stick Like Glue”

Sports: Football Memories

Today my cousin stopped by school and gave me a present that he found at home. It was one that brought back some great memories of long ago. He brought me a football that I played with in the 5th grade and I was in the 5th grade a loooooonnnnngggggg time ago. It looked veryContinue reading “Sports: Football Memories”

Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life

I have been teaching for a long time and one thing I have observed more lately than in the past is that teenagers are not learning life skills that they will need as an adult. These life skills are needed so they can function and be productive as they get out of school and pursueContinue reading “Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life”

Health: Coping Skills- 10 Life Hacks to Cope With Stress and Anxiety

We all face daily bombardments of stress in life. We have stress from relationships, family obligations, work, and other commitments. These can build up over time and eventually shut you down emotionally, physically and spiritually. We must deal with stress and anxiety on the spot so it does not build up and overcome us allContinue reading “Health: Coping Skills- 10 Life Hacks to Cope With Stress and Anxiety”

Daily Bread: Seven Ways to Spend Renewal Time With God

1- Spend time with God first thing in the mornings. Get out of bed five minutes earlier grab a cup of coffee sit down and read a couple chapters in your favorite book. I like having a study bible handy with specific chapters or passages based on what is on my mind. 2- Invite GodsContinue reading “Daily Bread: Seven Ways to Spend Renewal Time With God”

Daily Bread: Five Ways to Grow Your Faith

Today as I was reading my Coaches Bible I wrote down some notes about growing my faith. I have always relied on God and he is a huge part of my personal, family and work life. I seek his guidance often, pray daily and watch for opportunity he provides and doors to open. As IContinue reading “Daily Bread: Five Ways to Grow Your Faith”

Family: My Beautiful Daughters Wedding

The picture above is my beautiful baby girl that got married last night to a fine young man. She was glowing all night long and the wedding, venue, food, cake, cupcakes, dancing, family, friends and setting was special. My wife worked so hard to put it all together and after many months or planning, venueContinue reading “Family: My Beautiful Daughters Wedding”

Relationships: Marriage and Love

Tomorrow night my baby girl Brooke is getting married. She is marrying the man of her dreams and I have to admit he checks off all the items on my dad list also. He is responsible, has a good job and skills to make a very good living, treats Brooke like a queen, has goodContinue reading “Relationships: Marriage and Love”

Advice: Four Ways to Live Your Best Life

We all desire to live a prosperous life filled with excitement, fun and vigor. Finding out how to accomplish that is not always easy as we do this daily grind called life. Below are four ways to be on the way to a full life, a prosperous life and wonderful results from it. Live yourContinue reading “Advice: Four Ways to Live Your Best Life”

Inspiration: Lack of Motivation

We all know a few people that just lack motivation in life. Motivation to get out of bed, work, take care of obligations, care for others, take care of the family and generally just be a lump of coal in society. What drives a person to become that unmotivated about living life is the bigContinue reading “Inspiration: Lack of Motivation”

Daily Bread: Six Traits You Can Share With God

God has so many positive traits and my guess is they are almost countless. Today as I was praying and reading it hit me that as humans we have the potential to be more like our creator and savior. God has shown us through the creation of mankind and his constant gifts, care and patienceContinue reading “Daily Bread: Six Traits You Can Share With God”