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  • 10 Ways to Win in Life

    10 Ways to Win in Life

    Today I am writing about the ways we can work on our physical, mental and spiritual self to win at life. Winning in life is not about playing a game all the time or the result of a score board. As a coach I have had my fair share of both sides of the score […]

  • Faith- Foundation of Life

    Faith- Foundation of Life

    In the sermon on the mount, Jesus spoke about having humility, love and living a prayerful life.  He addressed the masses on how to live a full Christian life and what it took to meet that standard.  Let’s think about this for a minute.  The anointed one, God’s only son Jesus stood there and spoke […]

  • Romans 5:3-5: Are You A Quitter or Overcomer

    Romans 5:3-5: Are You A Quitter or Overcomer

    I am going on record to state that I began this blog to talk about faith, family and how God can enable us to live a better life.  I have been a Christian since my early teenage years and like many have strayed at times, got real close at times, been part time, went to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles- Standing Strong In Troubling Times

    Spirit Chronicles- Standing Strong In Troubling Times

    Times are challenging now.  We live in a world where sinful nature, practices and thoughts have taken hold like never before.  Standing strong in these times will not be easy and will come with challenges for sure.  You will be called names, labeled, and censored for your beliefs and thoughts.  Just know that the the […]

  • Life Lessons From Sports

    Life Lessons From Sports

    Playing some form of organized sports is like a right of passage for many of us.  I grew up in a large family where every boy played football.  All of my brothers, and boy cousins played football at some point in their life.  Most of my girl cousins played basketball and softball in school, but […]

  • Faith, Family and Friends- Life Lessons From Fishing With My Dad

    Faith, Family and Friends- Life Lessons From Fishing With My Dad

    Growing up my dad and brothers loved to go fishing. We would gather up a bunch of worms, get a few cans of corn, load up a bunch of fishing poles and go to a creek, a pond, the beach or anywhere we could wet a hook. We did it for sport and rarely ever […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Shot Three Times

    Spirit Chronicles: Shot Three Times

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a classroom and I was surrounded by students of all ages. As I was starting class a guy walked in and told everyone to sit down and shut up. I recognized that the guy was holding a small caliber pistol and he was very nervous. I told […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Understanding Your Dreams/Visions

    Spirit Chronicles: Understanding Your Dreams/Visions

    As a light worker, medium, call it what you want I experience very vivid dreams that are like living in a science fiction movie. I dream about apocolyptic times, people, ghosts, spirits, Angels and many other things. I often have a hard time figuring out what they mean because when I am asleep or just […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Last night I went to bed and prayed for God and my guides to reveal to me anything I was able to handle and see from my divine guides. I fell asleep and began to dream multiple dreams about all kinds of things. The one that stood out and got my attention was a dream […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 35

    Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 35

    Last night I dreamed I saw an Angel and I got the numbers. Later in the night I was laying in bed thinking about the numbers and was sleepy so I turned over to go back to bed. I started seeing my spirit tunnel and new colors I have never seen came to me. I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Blue and Purple Dream Colors

    Spirit Chronicles: Blue and Purple Dream Colors

    I dreamed I saw two Angels. One was young and was wearing a blue shroud over his body. He told me the number and stared at me with a smile. The Angel behind him was much larger and was wearing a purple shroud and told me the number Both of these colors have significant meaning […]

  • Angel Number 2052

    Angel Number 2052

    Angel Number 2052 tells of important life changes that may come about sooner than expected and in unexpected and miraculous ways. You may already be feeling a shift of some kind on its way and you are being encouraged to be open-minded and optimistic about the upcoming opportunities presenting to you. Trust that they will […]