Spirit Chronicles: Ways Spirit Communicates with Us

Spirit encounters are vey common with me and today I am writing about the ways that spirit encounters me. I write this to let you know that spirit is always around us and those that have went on before us are loving us from the great beyond. As a medium or whatever you want to call it I have these daily encounters. Below is my list of ways I hear, see, feel or witness spirit activity.

  1. Spirit will make lights flicker in the room you are in.
  2. Spirit will speak to you quietly in your ear. For me is it normally the right side.
  3. Spirit will touch you to let you know they are around you.
  4. Spirit will change the temperature around the room. Generally it gets colder.
  5. Spirit will visit you in dreams and give you visions.
  6. Spirit will give you warm feelings on your head and hair to let you know they are around you.
  7. Spirit will move things from place to place to let you know they are there.
  8. Spirit will alert a pet dog or cat to let you know they are around.

I saw a guy today that claims that no one in Heaven can contact us. He says that only demons can do that and spirit in Heaven is stuck there. I wholeheartedly disagree with him and know for sure that my mom, dad and others are always around me.

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