Faith-Teach Me Lord to be Obedient

Human beings tend to get in their own way in life. We all share a very common trait and that trait is being hard headed, bull headed or unwilling to seek help. We make our own plans and think we have to make our own way in life. I am guilty of this and have found out the hard way that being obedient to God’s will in your life or disobedient has consequences. These consequences are negative and positive depending on how we react to life and Gods lead in it.

God would never punish us for being disobedient, however, we would have to deal with the human consequences of misguided behavior, actions, thoughts and reactions to others. God clearly stated his word and teachings in the Bible from the beginning of time and his word is the law we should be following in life. The new way or new world we live in almost requires disobedience and undisciplined behaviors. The media feeds us what they want us to hear and are generally one sided in their progressive views. The congress and senate mislead us with information and new laws that are built around destroying the family unit and accepting an anything goes attitude about life.

Our kids are being indoctrinated with misinformation from radical thinking teachers and are becoming brain fed where they cannot think for themselves. All of this information goes against God’s will and word and is enabling our society to become more and more volatile, crime ridden, separated and less forgiving than ever before. We have began to judge people based on the way they look. We look away from violent actions, riots and burning cities calling it “change”. It is not change, it is radical thought that desires no law.

Criminals get caught doing criminal activity and bad things happen. Instead of marching for the lives of those lost every weekend in large cities due to gun violence with kids getting shot in drive by shootings. Our people have become obsessed with “social change” and the large media outlets are driving division in our country based on false and misguided information that feeds people the new radical ideas of acceptance. I have been a rant but all of this goes against God’s will. The Bible clearly states that certain things are a against God’s will on our lives.


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