Spirit Chronicles: Understanding Your Dreams/Visions

As a light worker, medium, call it what you want I experience very vivid dreams that are like living in a science fiction movie. I dream about apocolyptic times, people, ghosts, spirits, Angels and many other things. I often have a hard time figuring out what they mean because when I am asleep or just lying down resting as soon as I close my eyes the dreams begin. Lastnight I dreamed about some friends of mine, an old church I attended and my moms old house. During all of this I saw living and dead people. I saw people I have no idea who they are or why I am seeing them.

So I have been doing some research designed to help me become a better thinker and understand my dreams and visions. I put together a list of things that have helped me understand many of my dreams and what they may mean for me and those around me. Dreaming all the time can be interesting but it is also tiring as your mind is active all night long and aftet getting hit by “spirit” all day it can become old at times. Sometimes I wish I could just have a few nights of peace with no dreams, but then again I wouldn’t refuse this gift for nothing.

  1. Write your dreams down in a journal. I journal most of the major dreams I have but have figured out that some of the minor dreams also have significant meaning from my guides and spirits.
  2. Track how you were felling during the dream. What was your emotional level and was it a good dream or a bad dream?
  3. Make note of any recurring situations (people, places and things) in your dreams. I often see my moms old house, my nannys old house and schools in my dreams. This means something so I make note of it.
  4. Make note of any personal relationships you may or may have had with people in your dreams. I often see people both here and in the great beyond in my dreams.
  5. Lastly, for me is to trust your guides and intution about what you seen. You are the one that witnessed the dream and had the experience so follow your heart in processing them.

Dreaming is something I have been doing all my life. I have written many on here that I feel could be a scy-fi movie or blockbuster movie. Finding the meaning of those dreams and how they impact my life are the challenge at times. I will continue to seek guidance from God, my spirit guides and Angels. I will do research, read articles, check some websites I trust and always refer to the Bible for guidance. More often than none, I find meaning in the word and can see what the numbers, colors, etc I see all the time mean for me.

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