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  • Spirit Chronicles: Graveyards of 601

    Recently my wife and I had to travel to another small town to buy some wedding stuff for our daughters wedding. To get to this small town we had to travel down this long windy country road with about five to six churches on that road during the 15 mile drive. As we began to […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Heavenly Songs In My Head

    I grew up listening to gospel music, attending shows and concerts with my family. In my adult years my dad loved to go to these shows and see his favorite Southern Gospel groups sing. He built quite a collection of music and when he retired and later got into his 70’s he would listen for […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Dead Man and the Kid

    When my dad was just a young boy back in the 1940’s he lived in a house where a man had passed away upstairs and was not found until weeks later. At night my dad would lie in bed and hear what sounded like someone walking around up and down the stairway of the house. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Lady at the Well

    We have an old well on our property in the front yard. I have a solar powered light attached to the roof of the well to light up that part of the yard when we are out there at night with the dogs. Our yard is very dark and you can barely see at night […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Three Knocks Ghost of Old Town Road

    One night I got up to use the bathroom about 12:01am on a Saturday night. I went into the hallway to use the bathroom and my little dog followed me as he goes everywhere I go because he is my best bud. I was using the bathroom and about ten feet down the hallway is […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Elevator to Hell

    I have a crew of demons that have been assigned to me to try and make me turn from God. As I have begun to transform and become closer to God everyday they have on occasion came at me trying to tempt me into their bidding and to use my ability and gift for bad. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Heavenly Quartet

    I was half asleep and had a full night of visions and dreams. As I was laying in bed trying to get motivated to start my day I suddenly heard beautiful music in my head. I found myself sitting in front of a stage and I was the only person there. I had been visited […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Wondering Cowboy and His Dead Children

    I saw a cowboy with a dark tan and large hat. He was from the 1800’s based on his clothing and the gun he had on his side. He rode up to me on a horse and looked at me but did not speak. He was a tall man, very thin and dark skinned from […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Grandmother Ghost In the Room and the Old Spirits

    I dreamed I was at my grandmothers house walking down the short hallway that seemed so big when I was small child. As I walked by my grandmothers room I looked into the room and on her bed I saw a spirit sitting on the bed and I was a child so it scared me. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin

    Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin

    Near my house is an old abandoned cabin that was built back in the early 1900’s. Most of it still stands but it is very old and in rough shape. It was the home to generations of family members until the mid 1970’s when the last of the family died and left the property for […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Dead Nurses Aide

    When I was in the hospital for seven days for Covid I was sleeping one night quietly but restless as those beds are generally not vey comfortable. I was used to people coming in and out of my room at all hours of the day to check my vitals, bring food, clean the room and […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Leg Grabber

    I was sitting and relaxing and dosed off for a quick nap and immediately saw a man laying on the ground grabbing my right ankle and holding on. He was of Hispanic background and was wearing raggedy blue jeans with a black belt, no shoes or shirt. He was heavy set and had tattoos all […]