Americana: Things I Want My Grown Children To Have

Today I was thinking about how grateful I was for all the blessings in my life. Blessings like my wife, grown children, career, health and financial wellness. These things were taught to me growing up by my mom and dad. They were middle of the road Americans that worked hard, helped people and lived their lives based a solid foundation of morals. My brothers and I learned from them and we are pretty much the same and that is not a bad thing. I started thinking about my grown girls who are soon to be 25 and 27 years old and what I wanted for them all these years. We always had a plan to give our girls the best start in life with an educational opportunity, friends, family, fun and guiding them to become good citizens.

Now that they are older and I myself have reached my mid fifties I was writing about how those things I want for my grown young adults that no longer live at home with me. These things are similar to what my parents wanted for my brothers and I . We all want or should want what is best for our kids whether they are babies, elementary age, teenagers or young adults. We can desire these things for our kids, do what we can to get them to their goals but ultimately once they are grown and on their own it is up to them to chase their dreams, be happy, find love, work hard and do whatever they want to do. With this in mind, I put together a quick list of the things I want my grown kids to have.

2- I want them to have true friends. Friends that value them, love and support them that will be there. Not just friends but true “friends”.

1- I want my girls to have a healthy relationship with God. They grew up knowing Gods grace and have witnessed it many times during their lives. I hope they continue to see the “hope” in that relationship with our creator.

3- I want them to have success in life. Both of my girls work very hard and have accomplished some awesome things already. I want them to chase their dreams and live their best life.

4- I want them to have purpose. This means that they live a fruitful and productive life that benefits others, their families and themselves.

5- I want them to have kids. I cannot wait for that first Grandchild to see and hold. I have plans to spoil the little rascals as much as I can without crossing boundaries that my daughters set with their kids.

6- I want them to find the love of their live. I pray that they find their true soul mate and live a long and prosperous life married, raising kids, working, loving, living, laughing and all the other things involved in a family life.

7- I want them to be healthy. I want them to be fit, healthy and live a life of energy and fun. Being healthy is a priority and one of my things I regret not teaching my kids better on.

8- I want them to be financially secure. With hard work, sound financial management, saving, investing and chasing their dreams and visions they can have the income they desire to live a great life.

Lastly, I want them to live their best life. Have hope, faith, inner peace, motivation, self-respect, determination, dedication and discipline to live that best life.

Coach B!


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