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  • Inspiration: Lack of Motivation

    Inspiration: Lack of Motivation

    We all know a few people that just lack motivation in life. Motivation to get out of bed, work, take care of obligations, care for others, take care of the family and generally just be a lump of coal in society. What drives a person to become that unmotivated about living life is the big […]

  • Daily Bread: Six Traits You Can Share With God

    Daily Bread: Six Traits You Can Share With God

    God has so many positive traits and my guess is they are almost countless. Today as I was praying and reading it hit me that as humans we have the potential to be more like our creator and savior. God has shown us through the creation of mankind and his constant gifts, care and patience […]

  • Motivation: 3 Keys To Success- Ability, Motivation and Attitude

    Motivation: 3 Keys To Success- Ability, Motivation and Attitude

    As a coach I have attended many coaching clinics through the years to gain knowledge, experience and grow my skill set to help my athletes get better.  One of my favorite all time coaches and speakers is Lu Holtz who had a fabulous career coaching, speaking and as a broad caster for football games.  He […]

  • Motivation: Big Dreams Require Big Effort and Focus

    I here people talking about their dreams and ambitions.  I ask students at school what they are going to do when they graduate high school and get these answers.  I am going to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, professional football player, pro basketball player, police officer, fire fighter and so many more.  I love to […]

  • Advice: Life Skills We Need Learn Growing Up

    Playing some form of organized sports is like a right of passage for many of us.  I grew up in a large family where every boy played football.  All of my brothers, and boy cousins played football at some point in their life.  Most of my girl cousins played basketball and softball in school, but […]

  • Career: Professional Growth and Career Direction

    Creating awareness of your current professional career growth and direction begins with knowing your own routines, habits and results.  We go to work and before you know it the day has come and gone with the results we may not have desired or planned for once the morning started.  There is only a set amount […]

  • Politics: Standing Strong and Upholding Your Values in Troubling Times

    Politics: Standing Strong and Upholding Your Values in Troubling Times

    Today I am discussing the importance of standing strong to you values, morals and belief system during times of trouble, struggle and strife.  Unfortunately, we are living in a time of moral, political, faith based and other belief systems that have led to a division among friends, family and co-workers.  I have friends that have […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Vision of a Cleansing Storm

    Spirit Chronicles: Vision of a Cleansing Storm

    A great storm has come upon mankind. One that has sweep over the earth and consumed all of mankind. One that has divided them into two sides with ideals driven by good and evil. Millions have chosen good and stayed strong in the biblical principles stated in Galatians 5:22-24. While many millions of others have […]

  • Football: The Final Drive

    Football: The Final Drive

    Below is a peak at the final chapter of my book about Football, Faith and Family. This is some of the last chapter that discusses the close to my career as a football coach. Enjoy and please go take a look on amazon or kindle it you want to see the other twenty four chapters. […]

  • Football, Faith and Family- Life Lessons Learned in the Trenches

    Football, Faith and Family- Life Lessons Learned in the Trenches

    This is chapter one from my recent book Football, Faith and Family. Every chapter talks about a football moment in my playing or coaching career and has a life lesson attached at the end.

  • Faith: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Faith: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Gratitude is a word used to express how thankful we are for the actions of others and the blessings in our lives. Our attitude is a choice that we make on a daily basis. As humans we often fall short of having a good attitude and being grateful for the many blessings we have been given by God, family and friends.

  • Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Football: Winning in Life Attitude

    Do you have a winning attitude about life. What is your definition of winning? That all depends on your personal views, background and experience with winning and losing. As a long time career football, wrestling and softball coach I have had to look at winning from two perspectives. One of those being actual W’s and […]